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AWO® Angelic News Updates

AWO® Angelic News UpdateA writing book


Hi Angels,

We have been extremely busy creating for the past couple of months so please forgive me for not getting my Newsletter(s) out sooner. Being a Visionary and Author, and you are being guided by Spirit to get things done, then you do as you are guided…lol… Especially when they are so lovingly guiding all that is before you.  here we are…

I will also be sending out a Special Channeling from Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru along with The Blessed Mother Mary and  some others updates this weekend.

I am working on my New guided meditation CD’s and as we create our own designs to match the energies of the meditations, this can take some time to reflect all that you will find within the guided meditations themselves, and I know you are going to love what we have coming for you at the beginning of the year.

Many of you have been asking and I am delighted to say I am now offering Gift Cards. Make sure you purchase yours as gifts for your family, friends and most importantly yourself. ( you can find them on the Angelic Gift Cards Page here).

My Manuscript(s) are coming along so beautifully that you are going to see a whole new world of Spirit around you as you read through the pages. So many believe it is easy to just sit down and write. This is not always the case as life still goes on around your creative processes of getting the words just right as numerous times my fingers cannot keep up with the dialogue that my mind presents…lol… But alas they shall be here shortly…

I have a New Publicist who has been working extremely hard and we shall be having tour dates and specials coming your way this New Year of 2016. Look for the Angels Across the Miles™ to be traveling from New York to Arizona, California and Las Vegas to Florida and more… I am just as excited as you !

New York – February 19 to 22, 2016 Details soon.

And talk about Specials, this year is the tenth anniversary of my Mom’s journeying to Heaven and with that, I shall be having one last Merry Christmas Holiday Special just for you to honor my Mom. She inspires me each day in her wisdom and graciousness !

Yes this shall be my last Merry Christmas Holiday Special. Starting December 1st, 2015. Make sure you take advantage of it now before it is gone on the wings of the Angels.

Angelic Wise Ones ® VIP access area that shall be open soon, where you will be able to connect with me thru the veils kinda way, find Special Angelic Specials, group discussions, meditations and so much more just for you.

Till Next Month Angels…..Have a Bright and Lovely Day!


Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie

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