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Butterfly Wings

Each day is not the same and so too are we all not the same as the individual walking, standing, sitting or running by us. Even though we believe each day is the same, as we get up, get ready for the day, and get out the door, whether it be for work or school believing it is the same thing over and over again, its truly not. So let’s check it out.

Sometimes we wake up feeling energized and sometimes we wake up barely able to open our eyes as it all plays off of the day or night before. Sometimes we get on the bus and the noise seems almost too much for our brains to think clearly and then some days there are those moments when we can sit back relax and enjoy the ride. Once we get to our destination we have choices that we are allowed to make as an individual, even though it may not always seem like it.

We can smile at everyone when we arrive or we can tuck our head down and keep going.

Now when we look at all of this, both of these attitudes sets the tone for the day that we will have, it is all in our choice. If I look at everyone with a smile on my face and really mean it, then I shall have everyone smiling back and that feeling then builds up where I cannot help but smile the whole day thru no matter what comes my way. On the other hand, if I keep my head down and just walk on by, I miss out on the smile that maybe someone has for me to brighten my day. I miss out on allowing someone else to have a great day; I miss out on all the interesting people I could be meeting that may just have the same things in common with me to enjoy. A time when I could really use a friend or someone to talk to, go shopping with or just hang out with creating a song, painting, learning to play the guitar, doing homework, studying for an exam or just being…you know what I mean? An opportunity to know that hey, I am not alone in this world as no matter what someone out there values me.

And it all starts with looking in the mirror to value your own self. Looking into that mirror and no matter what, not looking away from who you see. And then letting go of that breath you have been holding and really looking at the person staring back at you and saying three simple words  “ I Love You”.

OMG…, how awesome is that? To be able to tell that person I Love You and not looking away, not backing away from the feelings that are there as that person really needs to know how much you love them. What a difference a day makes with those three little words. And this needs to be done everyday, every time you walk by a mirror, just take a moment of time to stop say “ I love you” and keep on trucking. And then one day you will be automatically doing this and you will stop and start laughing from the sheer joy of knowing it is true. 

I know, I know, loving oneself can be so hard and then too, just as hard as to not love yourself.

You see in this world in which we live there are millions upon millions of people, it may not seem like it but there is, and just as there are millions of people there are millions of reasons why we need to be our own best friend and love ourselves. Because all of these millions of people walking around each day, well… they need love too. And they are just waiting for that someone to walk by with a smile upon their face to know it is going to be a good day too, that everything will be alright. Would it be so bad as to be that one person that brightens someone else’s day? Nope, not at all, because just think, and it can be your own little secret that no one needs to know about. But think about this, when we extend a helping hand to someone then the job gets done a lot faster and that person then has more time in their day to get other things done and feel the warmth of that helping hand to feel better about themselves. When we stop to say hello to someone at the park, or at the store or just walking by on the street, for no other reason than saying hello, we let that person know they have someone thinking about them that day and the warmth starts to spread deep within them and isn’t it nice to know someone is thinking about you too? Because sure enough the person you said hello to, the person you gave a helping hand to, then has a rush of good feelings in their entire being and that then sends good vibrations to you too.

I call that a WOW… big time!


Okay so let’s take a look at this. What is it that you hold onto that you are un-willing to let go of? As we can always say “okay look into the mirror so what?” Think about what I said…it brings an energy vibration that cannot be stopped. It is an echo effect that keeps on going…you may have heard this before, but I want to share it with you here…with each butterfly wing that flutters is a wave of energy that ripples out around them, now that wave of energy builds up all around the butterfly to lift it up off the ground or to land on a flower it rest upon as it gathers the sweet nectar of the flower. As the energy flow then expands out around the butterfly it is creating a ripple effect within its world. That ripple effect goes out and out and out and sooner or later it expands so far out that it lets other butterflies know it is there. Now, other butterflies can then feel this ripple effect as they fly by and feeling this energy they know there is a butterfly, a fellow soul mate, upon that flower and that fellow soul mate butterfly is enjoying itself. Soon enough these other butterflies are stopping to check out what all the fuss is about and then one by one they start to gather around this flower enjoying the same sweet energy of nectar and in doing so, they are creating a huge ripple effect of community energy that then catches our attention as we walk by to see all these butterflies fluttering around the flowers and we say “oh, how beautiful”. These butterflies have now created a rainbow of living energy wherever they go for everyone to enjoy. How awesome is that?

That my friend is the same as you and I as we live our lives each day. We create a flow of energy around us that expands and reaches out to others as we walk by them, as we talk to them as we sit next to them, the possibilities are endless here. No matter what we do, what we say or what we think, we are creating an energy vibration around us. It is up to us on what type of energy we want around us for others to know about us. If I keep my head down and just walk around all day not being apart of this world then I shall feel as I am all alone in the world and no one wants to be my friend or that no one understand or knows me. But if I start my day, no matter how I am feeling when I wake up…alert, groggy, sad, happy… If I start my day with a smile and I love you as I look into that mirror, I am saying that I am worthy of being that love, I am worthy of being loved and that I am love…then that starts my day on a energetic flow of love allowing others to know I am worthy of their love too and that I shall send that love right back to them too. This creates a community of my choosing to be loved and to be involved in that community of love.

I am finally allowing myself to love myself and allowing those around me to love me too…..I am a butterfly saying hello to you…


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie


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