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Channeled Message from Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru

Year of AcquisitionsA solitude 5

What could that possibly mean? Here I sit once again thinking more than I should about everything else and then again, not at all. I like you am finishing out everything I need to as we come to a close for the past years energy of Revelations and it has been a powerful time.

Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru says it is the Year of Acquisitions for 2017 and like you I can think about so many things that can possibly be attributed to it… lol… So I sit here and start this journey called Channeling…. Taking the time to clear all thoughts, voices, issues and more to allow him to greet everyone with his voice… his energy… to allow us to get a glimpse of what is going on and things to come…


Ahhhh..Teacher your mind leaves me breathless with its purity when it comes to those around you, ever so inquisitive and brave I should say as you sit there like the world is upon your shoulders. Go to your meditative place teacher and allow me to do what I am here for.

May I say Welcome to you my friends and Light.

This year for humankind, your planet of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants shall live within a time of The year of Acquisitions on all levels within the human cellular structures and limitations are of no relevance. For limitations hold tight the concepts of the human philosophy which has gained them a reverse of energies that has stalled them for far too long. The Year of Revelations was to reveal to humanity the ego system upon the lands. To awaken the minds and eyes of those who have been asleep long enough. A mind that is idyll can cause disruptions that cannot be foretold until the energy is upon them all. As you have seen time warped the soul of followers into a frenzy that has caused one of the greatest of division in your world history. For it is not just within your own Nation, but Nations across your planet of Mother Earth, all humanity, all lands, all ideologies. The dogma of the soul reaching beyond seeking what it is hypnotized to do. And those have chosen to follow than to seek the truth upon the lands and soul.

We see you have come to the point of selecting and moving forward with heartfelt and destructive energies. This time that moves upon you finds that many decisions are needed to be made by you and humanity as a whole. The Nations across the lands are moving forward in an accelerated speed to accomplish that which they need to hold power over others. An illusion that holds no bounds and that has been appropriated very effectively.  These Nations shall not move forward in becoming a whole unit if they so inclined to keep seeking the great division.

Each of you believe you have been contributing to the greater cause for humanity to survive, but you have effectively taken yourselves to a place where there shall be no more unity but that of incest and striking distance to all around you. To be that entrenched on the care of another also brings about how much care is genuine and that which is for the ego alone.

Ahhh… humanity as you say has been played upon for more generations than the naked eye was allowing itself to see. And for this you have set in motion the diversity of energies from those being born upon your planet of Mother Earth. These new souls come to fight and be heard, to level out the field of humanity, to take from them their rightful place with all the harsh elements that are introduced to them and inside of them, is going to see a fight for life bigger than you have ever established before upon your planet of Mother Earth. You have allowed these new souls to be pricked with toxins so strong that they are being engineered in a way that no human should be deformed or transmuted from the original blueprint. For the elitist are reengineering a multitude of not humans but those who shall follow and rise up against all that you believe you give to them. You shall not have access when the time comes to their body and minds as it is being developed now to rise against you. Take back their inner core and you shall see the freedom you so seek. The engineered composition of the human body cannot sustain the amount of toxins inscribed upon it. This is then not human form being developed but that of a genetically engineered concept that shall mutate to the unknown of what you have lived.

You have reached the plateau of harboring those with whom cannot see your structure within their soul or mind or heart for that matter. Those whom have been indoctrinated into an energy that shall not free them until they have freed their own souls. In order for the accomplishment they shall feed of the need of humanity to be in all places at the same time. Fools are those who believe in your freedom and choice as you have not had your own choice of freedom since you have given it freely away to those who shall torture your minds and bodies. You fight for your liberties as you give them away faster with each breath you take.

You see before you a time of energies that rewinds itself to replay and it was not received well before in your time upon your planet of Mother Earth. Human lives were carelessly lost and given away. Destroyed was humanity for those times in your Earth history and here you have seen the revision of it during the time of the Year of Revelations and still humanity has not learned but opened its gates to destruction once more. Genocide is not your option by choice as you have given that choice away. Genocide is what is happening to your new born souls with each new and old indoctrination of chemicals within them. We have seen this in our many lifetimes from the planets that are rising up and calling you forth. They too ended their own living race with engineered concepts. 

Learn from the lives before you, learn from that which your planet of Mother Earth has lived before you and you shall see the lesson and energies in which must be moved to accomplish the full acquisition in which you seek. An energy that has risen to conquest, a living parasite and humanity has swallowed it whole.

The Teacher says that the energies are going backwards as they go forward and she knows as to what she sees when we share it with her. A repeat of life thru your generations, centuries is coming foretold and happening as we reach out to you. Look back in order to look forward and you shall see what comes next. Acquiring information’s and energies shall be for those who have the purity of heart and mind to sustain the impact of the Year of Acquisition.

We have all shared with you before in these years you are living. Your Earth year of 2016 was brutal and we watched and we are always within reaching distance when you seek us. As brutal as you looked the other way when atrocities were placed upon the weak is what you have found. When energies were right before you, you choose to close your eyes as to not have the hardship upon you. And at what cost can you see that has been given to you now? Your freedom is your freedom just as it is to the one beside you. To choose to keep quiet as to not disrupt another has taken from you your freedom.

For those souls whom have collected and give to their souls the truth from your past Earth year of Revelations you shall rise above the times humanity has created and aim to reach, and you shall acquire the privilege of Acquisition. I applaud you. Keep the light within and do not allow it to be taken away even during what you would call your trails and tribulations.

As you step into your new Earth year upon Mother Earth the energies shift, this is so as you see the planet Mercury is returning its energies at the ending and beginning of your new Earth year returning to a time and space that shall assist in corrections that are relevant to those who seek a reorganizational time within their life structure. We are here, the Teacher is here, you shall see those who once were walk among you. Take the truth which is within and follow it for your acquisitioned destiny is upon you.

I leave you now so the Teacher may come back and see these words as she shares them. We have much to do and we shall be giving more to you, be ready as you have never been ready before to go where you have not allowed yourself to go. Walk in peace and peace shall follow you. Walk in mindfulness and your mind shall give to you. Speak truth when no others shall and bountiful is before you.

I leave you with this to discover and to do that which is calling to you you shall see us above and around but never below.. Feel the energetics of abundance that you have already placed before you. Know we love you in all ways. I leave you with my blessings of peace and abundance in your life”.

I Am -Lord Amin-RU


Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele

All Rights Reserved Copyright©2016 Adele Marie/ Angelic Wise Ones®