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Channeled Message from Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru ….by Adele Marie

Adele_gift from MotherThe Seals of Light have been Broken,  Mother Earth has been preparing how about you?

Channeled Message from

Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru by Adele Marie

“I am excited and another emotion as I sit here just waiting, he walks back and forth night after night as I sit and wait. Asking me questions after question as I seek the answers that I search for. Who and what am I waiting for? Well Ascended Master Lord Amin –Ru of course. He is actually waiting for me to tell him I am ready.

So yes, he waits for me to finally say “lets do this”. You see he is not of lower origins he is of a mighty energy that is beyond your comprehension and he has been giving more than you or me all this time. It escapes me how many have not caught on thru all these years in who he is,… but that is not for me to give only he can….So as I say my prayer to begin, as I give to you the Channeled Message from Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru”…


Welcome I am Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru, to get straight to many points this day with you, as your lifetime upon your Planet of Mother Earth as you know it has just been disturbed like a gnat that flies insistently around you and what do you have to say? Not a big enough disturbance then? How about a disturbance that shall implode from within? My time is limited to be with you right now as we are working with your Mother Earth and her sisters as a detonation of cellular correspondence has been set and we all seek to be with her.

The Seals of Light has been broken.

You say this is what you have been seeking but as the teacher says “be careful of what you wish for”. What little of awareness not to notice the ground upon which you wake is rumbling swaying back and forth. This is not from the many feet that run amuck, this is more, as you have been attending to that which you believe is your worth, your worth is not what shall save you as this is your leaders detonating a control which they have not clear conscious of knowing what they reeked upon their own. They seek the annihilation of an energy which can show you the truth, but they prefer to keep you believing you own that which you do not. This is why I stay with the teacher walking back and forth. Knowing my time with her is valuable right now as I must momentarily step aside with the Counsel of Light to be there as you have now brought about a new earth, a new paradigm. You shall not understand your decisions that are now upon you in such a way, that you shall not listen to what is being given to you? It is imperative right now to listen and listen well. You have detonated a cellular level energy that is pulling all the energies inward, inward to the very core center of your Planet of Mother Earth. And she is going within her own self.

Many of you do not even realize that which affects you also affects your Planet of Mother Earth. That which you go thru she goes thru too. You are so interconnected that you do not even guess at it. You live each of your days with what you believe is your divine awareness, but you have wrought the wrong awareness to play. What you live through so too does your Planet of Mother Earth, what she lives through so too do you. It is a balance of energies that need to be met. Look at your own physical life right now, what is it that works and does not work? Your systems have not met this form of energy before in its grand proportions.

If I am walking back and forth agitated then I am within the rights of those among you to know what you believe I am very clear when I say that We of the Counsel of Light support the teacher in her words at this time. She has been through more than you want to acknowledge for you would sit and read my words and then you discarded her when she was at her time of needing. Why that is when one of your own is thrown around you eagerly jump of the bandwagon of destruction without knowing full truth. She did not condemn those who condemned her, she did not pull away from you as you pulled away from her, and she stayed true within the realms of the highest order. Do you not know why we have chosen her to be the voice in which we speak, do you not know who gives herself to us to complete what humanity needs? Such a shame. As villages were waging warfare with her and you pushed her away, we embraced her and lead her to the light of seclusion to re-light from the onslaught of your ego. Yes, your ego. Did we not say bring your communities together? Did we not say build your spiritual communities and bring them together, how much clearer did we need to be? Your root is the evil of materialism. Over the past few of your earth years I have allowed her to re-light and to bring my words to those with sincere hearts, those within her circle and they have been preparing for the times in which you are walking. And now she sits as we the Counsel of Light come to her with the visions and words that shall rule your Planet of Mother Earth for years to come.

Shall you listen, or shall you as you have before, pull back to look for that authority of materialism as you did when we said there was not going to be a Mother Starship visiting your planet of Mother Earth that fateful day ? You of little faith unto which we are. The teacher would wait still, but she sees the destruction that is no comparison to any in which you have lived before and we have guided her out of her re-lighting to be with you once more. She has our protection and she will be that which we speak, for no harm shall come to her, remember this.

Your Planet of Mother Earth has retreated within herself within an insulate of energy. She has retreated and humanity is going to be transporting a bigger event than they have seen in their lifetime of remembrance. The teacher knows this, she sees it coming. What shall you do, we have given to you a few words in the recent months. Have you listened to what had been given to all of you? Truths are given to all within the universe for those with open eyes to see the display of energy across your skies.

As you so witness the display of humanity with your living world, you have been ignorant to what the leaders are doing with your own systems. They have created a system into which you cannot see out of, for you have been lead well as their sheep. A system in which you believe is your own. Your systems are the creation of you leaders; they have another crushing blow to deliver shortly to your world. Are you prepared to see more than what is before you? You have played well into their hands, believing it is your right, your choice as they look after their own selves. Always watching for the right moment of time to guide you to their well planned out system that lies waiting.

Your Planet of Mother Earth is preparing herself as we had given the energies to you to prepare too. Her coding structure of emergence has been activated and she is in solitude preparing. Her Seals of Light has been broken as the ancients are rising among you. You have been annihilating her for far too long and you have activated a cellular coding within her energy fields that cannot be taken back. You have activated her homecoming, are you prepared?

We approached you early in your existence to say to bring your communities together, to be the light in which you speak. We found this display of your understandings to be of character to that of a premature birth of stars. Ahhh… Dismissive are we, well think again as we have entered upon the portal of a homecoming your Planet of Mother Earth has not seen since creation. She is about to abort and be reunited with her sisters and she is preparing for that homecoming. We have talked to you before how she was just one of many planets in which she gave herself, giving all of you the space of birth, rebirth and growth to succeed. A dense and heavy planet, she has allowed to be the host for a vast array of energies in which she is ready for it no longer. As a human I would think when your visitors are no longer valuing your hospitality you seek to rid yourself of their presence. You find what you can at your disposal to usher them to their own adobe to find their own destruction, peace and/or rest. You have given to your Planet of Mother Earth a collection of valuable assurance of intellectual growth and observances in which she has been allocating and directing to her sisters. She has been in complete communication with her sisters as we watch your evolutional journeys, as they have begun and shall be ended. Did you think she would be separated forever? That mindset has taken you far, but not far enough.

It’s so barbaric and I did give you more credit than many, for your humanity upon your Planet of Mother Earth to believe it was the only one, the only source of energy or understanding of your air and water which by the way, can be, and is being taken from you as I speak. Why is it you allow such atrocities placed upon you, and then again, you have been accepting them for the finest of energies beneath your feet with no honor. As your scientist explore we have said there shall be more and more and so there is. And that is not to be outdone by which is journeying toward you. You have ridiculed that which her sisters love; you have decimated her to no end. What shall you find that which you do not all ready know or explore? You have in you that which are the truth of all that matters in the matter of existence and you still seek to outdo and undo what is there. Such exhaustion of energies, when they could be placed into so much more for you to offer.

Ahhh… well here we are, your Mother, your Planet of Mother Earth has finally been breached in a way that you have enacted the coding to which they come home much sooner than she would have liked, for not withstanding your Planet of Mother Earth gave you much more credit than you even realize for to take this long to finally say she needs her sisters near again.

You will notice the eruptions that are being raised upon your Planet of Mother Earth. You will feel and see this going on for quite some time. Do you believe you are ready to extinguish all fertility in which you walk? In which you live and as I said breathe? You gave your rights away, you of so little faith that she could not hold you up longer,. Ahhh.. Humanity at its finest, exploring the very essence in which supports them, with no thought of the long range potential of destruction of the finest element would be their undoing. So as you seek to destroy, as you seek to replenish to discover what else you can leech from her you have enacted an age old right of rebirth.

Seals of Light placed within her to be opened when the timing upon your Planet of Mother Earth is right. This Seals of Light has been broken before that time !

She has gone within, she is preparing for what is to come and she is holding steady. And as she goes through her vacuum of bringing to her all that she holds true, you shall feel more interruptions upon the surface from deep within, understand this, you shall be visited upon by others to research and brings reports back to her sisters. Your Plant of Mother Earth shall be ridding herself soon of many occupants. Now she does have help in all of this as you have suspected. Your leaders know what is to come, you have many explosions physically, and earthly panic shall reign till one and the other shall not know who to gain or to whom shall be true. A falseness lies within your reach and you are afraid to reach out to rid yourselves of said falseness, this too shall be the system of illusions wrapped around you. This vacuum of energy that she is pulling in is to those with whom would strip her of all that she is, the very air you breath, the very quench you seek, shall be for those who can give materially. As I said, are you prepared humanity of Your Plant of Mother Earth, I shall leave that for you to decide.

Do not try to reach her as she shall not respond. She needs this earthy time to burrow deep within and her responses shall not be coming to you. Do not poke her as she is not to be awaked for then there shall be eruptions more severe. You have taken from her before and you have given to her that which she did not need. She had to work to release the silt you gave to her as we know you felt that time too. If you are not “cleansed, clear and healed” yourself as the teacher says, then think what energies you are given to her.

She needs this time not only for herself but to accommodate you. Ancient rites of old are fracturing her stronghold as the Seals of Light is opened further. In all of this she still has you, humanity upon which takes from her without a conscious thought, in her utmost observance to exist. Look to the dead stars in which you hail as to see what lies in store for you with no thought to her. Treasure that which you stand upon and rebirth can be given back to you. You shall have those of humanity whom will rise above to say stand by me. This stance is not one of genuine concern for humanity, only servicing the one who rises. Your population may thin as they seek their original home which is why they have been aborting your rules. They shall be allowed to once again touch back to their original home and they shall have much to be thankful for.

Humanity of Mother Earth, we watch, we walk with you in support of what you are realizing is a coming of times for you to renew or rule not as one, but as many. The Counsel of light has spoken and it shall not forsake you, as you have forsaken yourselves. You have created your own rule which is no longer the rule in which is governed by you. We watch as your political leaders have a given to you what they wish for you to believe is your rule in which it is not. They have big plans coming to you in your next earthly months; we can only hold your hands as you walk through it. As you shall deny that which is real for the unreal. Do not allow yourself the darkness which is pervading your science of minds. For the light is within you to know the real of the unreal.

My time has come to check her sisters for once a Seals of Light has been broken it activates all around them. May you be as blessed as you allow. May your eyes be open to the skies above you as we descend to walk among you once again.

For I AM Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru


Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie

ALL Rights Reserved Copyright© 2015 Adele Marie/Angelic Wise Ones®