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Channeled Message from Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru

Cloud SpiritAuthority and the power within…

Look around you right now and what do you see? Look within you and what do you feel?…Where are the mirrors of society that shines all around you?

Have we gotten so far along to just make a stop along the way? As we have all heard from time to time ” I lost me way along my path”…’ I took a detour along my path” ” I stepped out of my path”…on and on we go where we stop only Heaven knows…

All of these are common speeches that we have all made form time to time. So as a Country, a Nation, have we stepped off of our path along the way? Have we allowed to be so devalued that we have forgotten the Golden Rule? I sat down with Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru and the Angelic Wise Ones to ask just that. What have we done in society that tears us limb from limb from everything we have said along that we value in our world. As I do not see any value looking around just now, or is it , just maybe we have finally seen the light and are following the path to be more of the light? Is this what it looks like when we give in and let go? Is this what we have been praying for all along? Where is it that we took a wrong turn and did we take a wrong turn? What? What? What? Because I have these questions swirling around in my mind just like you.


Italics are my own comments and questions to Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru


What is it that makes us as a human race believe we have rule over another? Why do we like to pass the buck onto others? What can be the outcome of such a huge armament of authority that we have lost our own way?


And then it was time, time for me to allow him to come thru to answer me as he laughed as I sat here writing these questions. Good Grief is he really laughing at me? What the heck?


“ Ahhh…little one life is just as life is, have we not given that to you before?”


Well yes, you have but can you be a little bit more specific?


“do you wish to have the short cut or the accurate details?”


Well I guess I am in it for the long haul so accurate details it is.


“As you know we have been scouting out your precious Planet of Mother Earth and we have come to the conclusion that humanity is in denial of truth and establishment.


Truth is a given, it is what lies beneath the surface of destruction would you not agree? And then you have destruction of the fundamentals of your own establishment. Need I really say more?”


Ummm. Well yes, you do need to say more…


“Humanity has a common boundary of authority in which no one is really in authority. You watch as each planetary aspect is a given into which the coming events shall proceed. This is then the common boundaries of what you on your Planet of Mother Earth is limited in by your own authority. You have been given a precious jewel among the heavens and you have as always proven many of us correct in the exactness of the settlement of your entire authority. To destroy such a complex foundation brings you to the establishment of authority in which you negate. Time does have a way of doing this to not just your Planet of Mother Earth but then to all planetary alignments within your own solar systems. In which it is to begin to build with authority is to renegotiate that authority to be pronounced in such a way that the systems in which you live shall have to be in accordance with one another. This is not being done correctly so you have the disruption of your own evolution.


Do you teacher not sit back and watch as your own authority is being disrupted? This is not just for you this is full the whole of humanity. You and I have sat and had many discussions of the evolution of your Planet of Mother Earth and we have agreed to agree humanity is not at its finest hour. Tectonic plates beneath you feet are being interrupted not organically. As with each living being upon Your Planet of Mother Earth decrees it is God, then it swallows humanity within its grasp. And humanity is then treated to that displeasure of not only Your Planet of Mother Earth but your entire solar system at play. For it is not childs play that which we see moving energies it is man made. And as man has decided to play God then there too, are consequences to being God. The irreparable damage then shifts more of your mind set to belong to the strongest and the beliefs that come from those mouths become the law of your own lands. In truth, are not your lands at all, but that of the Universe. As this is placed upon you and humanity it then is placed within the Universe for all to see. We do not admire it as much as one would believe; we have actually had to bring more within your own Planet of Mother Earth as I have said before to deal with what comes within the authority that is establishing as we speak.

As with all conflict there shall come a time of peace, but to what end shall you see is not for any of us to determine but your own human race.

As I too walk among you, I have heard it said that you live within a caldarium of force greater than the highest heavens. The hotness of cleansing that shall leave a line drawn with a force to rival the God within your devotion, but the limited mind of mankind shall exceed even this. Which the end shall be eliminated before it has all begun.

Remember a greater force shall negate a greater force within it self to be no more.

Is this humanity at its finest hour? To regal you with words I shall ask you in whom do you gift the power of authority in you? The communities in which you live are vast as to the limited mind to comprehend all the greatness around you. From that greatness who do you precipitate your given authority too? To give away even your simplest thought form is to negate your own authority, do you not see? With questions as you have imposed upon me gives this direct correlation of authority into me, for which you know from your own Godhead of authority. I do so enjoy them and my time with you as I have watched you precede even the greatest of slaughter in your time upon you and your Planet of Mother Earth to have you here with me is a tremendous honor always. You, my own Master know your authority lies within yourself; shall we look within to see the exactness of your own? Your apprentices fight among one another within their communities as they are fearful of their own authority, you have brought them much in the journey and still they negate the feelings inside. Allowing mere manipulations to tear asunder what has been in place all along, shall one then be selfish of the other to not allow the interactions to continue, but of course as the one does not know the definition of true love. The mere chance of being connected when one seeks that connection right now reminds you of the disharmony of Sirius before the fall and rise. This brings the authority to you once again as you commanded before to make the decisions into which you do not wish to place upon another, so you shall sacrifice what we bring to you to give to them more. To sit within the confines of ones own authority is rich beyond the hemispheres that dwell the limited minds of humanity. Have we not guided you thus far to be at your quality of life? Have we not sent and been present when each of you seek from beyond? Can we not walk among you without another knowing? All of this is done continuously without a chance of recognition as the authority which resides within each living being is compromised. We are the echoes that transmit to you from what they will say is beyond your own solar systems. We are the ones in which sit in time of that you have no fathom of what time is. I can be before you and not and you shall feel a flash of energy that is there but has gone before you can glimpse its escape. Authority teacher is the precious limits in which you live each day, why then does humanity not allow the authority within to do what it is created to prevent and accomplish for your own progression?. Ahhh well, as we need to move on from here. You have accomplished much in your time and there is much more to be exclaimed from you, are you not feeling it? All on your Planet of Mother Earth should be feeling this expulsion as I have given to you before. Your Mother Earth has been in incubation and she is extracting everything she can to bring within herself. Your humanity is playing with forces that have emitted transmissions within every cellular respiration of your Mother Earth. She has preparing for the onslaught of neglect and humiliation for quite some time now, have you not felt it? When a desert is created where a desert has no reason of being, then this must be seen from within. Just as humanity starves itself for replenishment, it takes from that which is to replenish. When you have taken so much without an ounce of giving then it is to be destroyed of that which is resisted from the beginning. It is like when you take a paint brush and allow the energies to flow thru you upon your medium of choice, this can flow beautifully from any eyes in which beholds beauty inside.  But when the beauty is no longer there you cannot create beauty from nothing, only allow it to bloom once again from the love that is felt from within. That love must be nurtured and cared for to once again understand it is beauty as it always is there. From whence does beauty originate in a world of evolving beings that no longer recognize what beauty is but only despair? Like of matter enjoys an equal equivalent of matter when placed side by side. Why then has your humanity allowed that to be torn from your side?

And as we assist we can only give to you what you shall acknowledge to be equivalent to that which you have always known. Authority is a matter in which has no equal but needs an equal match to allow it to grow into a substance that is no longer sacrificed but sown within to no longer be dead upon arrival. Find the beauty within and you find the authority in which is your own truth. Humanity cannot afford as you say to be allowed to be cut from one another, to be divided upon your initiation into the coming of your Earth months ahead. When we take away from you the explosion of your comings and goings we find all of you are truly beautiful in your own authority, it is which the ego has destroyed to then deny. Be mindful teacher, as the answers you seek are given to you nightly as you travel with us. It shall never be replaced by any authority in which does not have the divine plan in humanities mind.

When authority of ones self is completed then the glory into which humanity seeks shall be displayed for all of heaven and your Planet of Mother Earth. We are transmitting daily to others as they begin to move about your Planet of Mother Earth and they are creating the excitement in which is expected of all living beings. You shall find more aquatic life being displaced and moving around your Planet of Mother Earth, for with each breath eliminated of life, they shall seek another life to begin their multiplication to exist. Is that not natural? The eruptions of soil and the contamination of your precious life force energy have given them no choice but to seek grounds in which they can naturally multiply to save their own. All mammals of water shall be surprising your Planet of Mother Earth as they move within the flow of energy to bring them to their greater good for their own communities, and they shall continue to show upon the shores as a reminder of what humanity is doing unto its own self. This teacher is what I am also giving you to know that humanity has taken the route to be the authority of God as they spare no expense to see how they can move and manipulate living beings of God’s creations. So many times we have watched the experiments being tested to date upon the living beings and we note the disgrace of the authority in which seeks its own approval unto all of this.  When you take away your own authority and believe it to be for the greater good, you find an existence that no longer exist. So for the greater good it is revealed for a higher purpose but at what expense on the authority into you? Be mindful teacher as all that goes around you, we shall walk with you always and we shall never allow that which others persist.

Take the authority of your own higher self and declare the truth within you, be mindful of manipulations from those who seem to be your equal, for they are seeking to claim your authority to grow their own. Need I say to then discard that which is no longer of value, you. This is not just for you teacher , but for your humanity as a whole.

Ahhh…I see it is time to join others as we collectively counsel movements from what you would call abroad. Little is the mind that is not mindful of the minds ego. You shall have visitors galore shortly and as always I know you shall enjoy the time to explore even more so than before, for we are leading you at this time for greater expeditions.

I leave you with much love and devotion for all that you do in your time upon your Planet of Mother Earth, she is preparing and cleansing that which is not mindful of her any longer. I shall continue right before she is ready to be reunited once again with her sisters.

I am Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru ”


Thank you Ascended Master Amin-Ru and as always, much love right back to you.

Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie


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