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Channeled Message from Joan of Arc

I have been having the privilege of speaking with Joan of Arc as I work on my book with her and she is amazing and beautiful and soul spirited and love and strength and she has words to say to all of us…1-joanofarc

I am Joan of Arc and I step forward right now as the Teacher did not allow me to speak my mind in her Channeling session. Ha. She had reason to be wary I do believe. Do that which you seek and do it well. These times ahead of you are place upon a condition of your souls alignment with the energies that connect each one of you to another. When a child hurts all of you are feeling it upon your soul and energy fields. And all of your energy fields have been corrupted to the point that the grass you walk upon seeks solace. Do not stop in your thirst for your souls adventure. Do not stop in your quest to be of the lightsoul. Hear the words whispering through the winds to you. Follow it as I followed my heartfelt guidance in the oppression of the souls of many. It is nothing of glorification but all of the strength that you bring from many lifetimes with you. Find your lightsoul and talk with it, feel with it, heal within as you communicate within the boundaries of your soul. You have been here before and you are here now to bring your soul to the catalyst of all your lifetimes.

Go within and call forth your lightsoul to reveal your lifetimes before you. Seek the truth of knowledge of your soul. Bring with you no hidden agendas or ego as this will shut the gates from within the stratum of souls and shall allowed entry. Be mindful of what you seek the levels reverberate to you in octave tones of acknowledgement with entry to what was once concealed shall now be exposed. Warriors of Light you have this time to bond and bond well within. Use it wisely as you step forward into your Year of Acquisition.

My name is Joan and I Am1- joanofarc2



Love, laughter & Light™, Adele Marie

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