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Channeled Message from Lord Amin-Ru, by Adele Marie



Channeled Message from Lord Amin-Ru, by Adele Marie

Well I started this awhile ago but got sidetracked with Mercury Retrograde, I do believe that had to be written first as Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru stands here within my arena of work and is smiling. So thank you for that gift AMLAR.

Please understand that there are times before I begin my Channelings with AMLAR that I just talk to him. We are old friends and go back to the times before Lumeria. He and I have lived thru numerous lifetimes, and in this lifetime it took me a while to remember this. His greatest joy was giving me a hard time as I was rediscovering who I AM. But he had to make me realize, feel, see and get it on my own.So to all of my students I too have had a journey of remembering just as I work with you on remembering who you are…lol… Its like running into an old school mate and knowing you know them, but you cannot quite put your finger on their name… this is how it was with AMLAR when we first started joining together for the Channelings. Here with me living in this lifetime, it is getting to know a very dear and old friend once again and seeing the relationship we have had thru all of  those numerous lifetimes. more importantly to love the fact that we decided together with all of this a long time ago by flipping a coin….Of course he was shinning bright that day for all of Egypt that my eyes were blinded to know if it was a two sided coin or not…lol…..

And to our conversations…

AMLAR : So to what do I owe this honor that you are bestowing upon me now of all times?

Well, it is a great honor to have you here with me to share your thoughts and words to all of us. It is just time…

AMLAR : ahhh… it has been time to unwind the past and allow it to be the road upon the journey you walk at last!

Yes, my friend it truly is…

AMLAR : Shall we begin then?

Can I take a moment to walk outside?…

AMLAR : No, what does it have that I cannot give to you right now?

but, truly I have to get the rest of this energy out of me to then be you and all of you…

AMLAR : ha… since when has it not been all of me?

umm… like the time you flipped the coin ?  I do have my own way of doing things here and my own way of thinking…

AMLAR : Sadly this is true and how has that gotten you?

hahahahaha… ummm…

Thanks AMLAR.. I guess I needed that, but anyway I need to walk first before we get going…

AMLAR : Teacher, has your human life been good to you?

You know that answer, I am sure you laugh yourself to sleep…

AMLAR : Then why Teacher do you sit here and think, as I am here to give to you?

I think because I have so many thoughts going on and I know you are putting them there to what I am wondering why?

AMLAR : To understand and see that the world in which you live has an energy that is abound with curiosity and unrest that shall be the undoing or the investment in the future of humanity. Nowhere does it appear the souls who have requested to fulfill the journey to your Planet of Mother Earth remember the extent of their purpose any longer.

By allowing the shadow of disdain to permeate their minds and livelihood shall the journey be one of their original plans. They have forsaken the agreement to which they have signaled their fellowship of the Council and Planets to allow the maximum efforts to go forth. If you remember when we sat down (in your Earth years long ago) there was a time when humanity called out to bring forth the assistance of Yahwey, as energies were at what was humanly believed to be a desperation quantity of hopelessness? Teacher you do remember? Yes, look back within the confines of your mind and hear my voice once again, see this as it was Teacher. Hear the souls calling forth the energies to put asunder Yahweys might. Look deep Teacher to that which I am showing you. There it is now look…that Teacher is how the energy is brought before us to the Council as that is the energy which was created and heard. Not a pretty sight is it ? The council took note and stated that even though they bellow in their inappropriateness before us, we shall grant them that which they call forth from the Heavens above. Their freedom of choice shall be granted. The decision within the Council to agree to this call was met by many voices and yet, the souls of Yahwey came forth. To what did humanity believe would truly happen? Those souls upon your Planet of Mother Earth whom were called forth are forever crying out just as those times many Earth years before the Council. Humanity bellowing out about the injustice being served upon them seeking Yahweys intervention. An energy that is duplicated by what Earths humanity did not know, so it seems still is not knowing. This is the legacy in which all other planets inhabitants watch to see the outcome and step back to be forever mindful in to which they not do unto themselves.

Earths Souls have sought this form of right forever in her existence. A fraction of light energy that calls forth to the realms of the Council to get the attention that which they seek. Truly ever watchful we bow our heads. Humans learn energy and believe they have a knowing to work with such energy. What humanity has learned so far is just a mere scratch upon the surface. Just as you call forth energies to work with, you feel and understand as the energy as it comes alive within your hands. You Teacher are known for this work within the strata of the Realms. Numerous Earthlings of souls work to absorb the energy but have no true handle upon it. Humans manipulate the energy to their floundering findings. Gearing a direction of energy to where they believe energy to go and be. Believing in their control to that which they play with. A true master steps back allowing energies to freely be what it is massed to be working with them they then would see it triple ten fold. Be that as  it may, I am not here to digest about all of that. I am here as a Realm with all my authority to tell you of times here now and to come upon your Planet of Mother Earth, Are you so ready Teacher?

Attraction of Light The spectrum of color defines who you are in my own realm of being, just as I reflect the light in which I attract, so too do you absorb that light of attraction. When you who says that you are a light worker places that in my own realm of being you are saying that you give full range to that light of source to then attract that reflection back to you. As you do this so we come, we come to that reflection to then assist you in all ways upon your planet of Mother Earth. Why do you think then, that as you are seeking that attraction of all of us who you call out to, that you can then dismiss the obligation you have to then work with us and that which is being reflected to you to use? Have you not learned we are all in the same one source with each other? Have you not even fathomed what this could mean as a whole? Have you no idea in which you do call out for? Why are there those in which call out to seek what the believe to be just mere child’s play, for we are one with all that is, we see the games that you play.This energy that is being attracted to your planet of Mother Earth is not playing a child’s game, it is playing for keeps.

In as for keeping those under foot to not the reality of the existence hence forth of destruction of what your founding fathers in your Nation saw as a misappropriated charge of energy. They too had that knowledge in their own hands, they too knew in the wrong hands the knowledge would forever be utilized against humanity. As you see the beginnings play out in your time now. No greater is the sin to remove the innocent than to replace it with power of a magnitude that shall destroy said innocence. Those whom walked before you had seen and experienced this energy and knew to remove it from the power to hold humanity within to crush at any given time at their will. They took upon them to decree loud within the heavens that never shall the two meet again until the end to which humanity plays afoul as they face their final destination.

You are being called by an energy that is for the whole of consciousness in your planet of Mother Earth to ascend at the given moment in which all planets will be realigned to its origin. You see your planet was the one who chose to stay and be that which is used for the forgiveness and the density in which you needed as humanity to learn what the process was about to then as a collective to rise up in the denseness and join once again the union of all that is. This is the ascension process.To realize as the evolution of all creation to once again be that which it was from the beginning.

This is where you are Teacher, combating that which humanity called forth and still cries for unknowingly and irresponsibly leashed upon all of humanity at this time. How does it feel to know humanity has received that which they have requested? How does it feel to know that humanity again has called forth energies that they do not know how to toil with? I see Teacher that you are not happy with that decision as you did not have a vote within to oppose what they not know. It was not your vote or approval that needed as it is needed now. You have within the mind all that I give to you to see far and wide. Why have you not journeyed as I have guided you? Why have you not decided upon the journey to which we give to you? Ahhh… I know that you have and that you fight it within your being. You cannot allow those to hold back any longer, they have been in this world of yours long enough to know that they are either worthy or not. If they have that choice to not see all that can and shall be before them then you must do as you are guided to do. It is time Teacher. Are you not comfortable with that yourself? Your contracts shall expire soon and they shall find that they are to  journey alone once again or they can journey with us. Teacher you see there are those who requested to be with you to journey but regrettably they have held themselves back to the energies of their own doing as to keep their blinders on. That can not be undone by just your words but also their own actions.  Many a contact shall be ended in ritual of the Council in my dimension and time as I am here to give you fair warning. 

Lets look now at the year to come for it is one of endearment for many. You have been fortunate to not step into the world of show in Earth years behind you as the poising had to be exposed as you are a Master upon the world and it was not ready for you. Take the veil away now it is time. Take the lead and allow the truth to be told. Many have paved they way through their cries for equality in which they do not understand what equality is as it is a society commodity. A human creation which does not hold here within the Universe of Souls aligning to be with all of you at a moments notice.  

Did we not tell you before Mother Earth had gone within herself? She went within her self to prepare for what is to be presented shortly to all of your Earths humanity. We have given you sight of what happens when the sleeping Mother Earth shall awaken once again with her beloved planets with her. And the time is coming… Her beloved is returning and there shall not be anything to which can stop the collision from happening. These souls upon your Planet of Mother Earth are just the antichrist of the events to be announced. Her beloved partner is coming to the rescue as her beloved can feel her heartbeat growing weaker and has vowed to take her once more to energize her heart from the destruction of Earths humanity. For the occupants of your Planet Mother Earth have no love for her. They have been given many signs of evolution, glimpses of war, the ravages upon which is not a game to be played, but reality and they have chosen to ignore the early warnings of things to come. For they have been in contact with us and we have shared before the Council, they choose to ignore all that was given to them.  Insight into their own ruin and still they can claim that love is there, Ha… it is once again only the mutilation of her resources that they desire. Not understanding that all they desire shall be their undoing. They have desecrated the most precious planetary soul there has been in our existence. And we do not take lightly to that.

 To be ruin is to look within to the creation of that ruin, if not the ruin takes within.  

Just as they mutilate and destroy all you hold dear within your human life. A life which was never meant to sustain your soul, just created to insulate you form the harsh confines of energies which run with every breath you explore into the vehicle you wear. A capsule, a vessel of protection. Just think and know you shall not need this as it is burning itself out into your next incarnation.

Mother Earth shall unfold over your next Earth years and she shall rise above to join her beloved as the time comes. The souls upon your Planet of Mother Earth who cry out in indignation know this and seek the destruction of all humanity for what it believes to be the sins upon all worlds in the Universe. The are the destroyers of planets . look back Teacher within your mind as I show you the birth of planets and that which drove them to relay their occupants upon you Planet of Mother Earth. Look back and see the wars fought within the warriors to clean their own planets of the evil residing upon it. Look back Teacher and see how that which you claim as your own Mother Earth sat left behind in honor to support and sustain a humanity in which she knew shall arise or descend upon their own whim. And the descension of ego has over taken their glory of souls who know like you the time has come.

Behold a light of energy shall descend upon your Planet of Mother Earth in a way that shall be delivered the Ascended to walk as we have already walked these past Earth years. We have found the want and lack to now bring to you the Christ element of atonement to humanity and we shall be the ones who no one knows, but humanity knows. We shall direct the Masters to rise and walk with us. Each of your Earth years we have given to you the precept of energy elements to know what the energies are for your Planet of Mother Earth that human year and with it the steps to walk and take to be one with us. For this is the beginning of the Year of Atonement, we come not alone. They are voyagers from her beloved and other planetary energies arriving to scout out your Planet of Mother Earth, They shall take and they shall demand and all shall see the destruction of coming times.


WAIT WHAT………….Okay look the ends of times as we humans have heard forever seems to be what you are hinting at right now AMLAR.. is this true?


Teacher you stepped away from me to ask this?


Why yes, of course. Something was not right its like I was being pulled away from you. Maybe I am just hungry. Maybe I need to take another Break…


I see what the issue is, your love of humanity will not allow you to give voice to that which may take it all away. Your consciousness  was pre programmed, that is why you have not allowed me to voice these same things all these months. Teacher it is past time. Allow me Teacher to once again show you within your mind the events as they unfold with this take it Teacher and give your greatest work yet and reach far and wide and do as your are guided to do and give to humanity what they do not want, but are in much need of.

Take humanity and allow them to see beyond their pittance of a mind to know they walk a tight walk and the Council awaits their decisions. Light Workers enveloped the energies to not stand for the light that they believe they stand. But for an energy of misguidance that took from their eyes truth. There is not truth to what lies before them, they believe they are seeking, speaking that which is love, but they injure those who are sent to them seeking true. They have injured under the guise of love humanity with their ego unto themselves. They need what Yahwey gives to them by soulright upon your Planet of Mother Earth. Many feel this energy and are going through a sedentary and confusing emotional time. You have met the voyagers and they have watched you, preventing the slightest hint of their arrival. Now you shall give what I give to you to announce their arrival. We walk with you Teacher as you walk with us. Shine your energy of light and be true for we walk with you now and always till you come home once again. Then we shall see about the two sided coin in which you protest your arrival upon Mother Earth, but one that which you would not have denied over knowing me. 

You of Mother Earth are chosen to be all that those before you had no chance to succeed. It is your path to learn and decide to be the energy that binds you or be the energy of Yahweh and alight in form from judgement and disparagement of Earths humanity. You gave unto your own soul the premise of ascension not dissension. Go back unto your own and look as we give to you the journey before and after your walk upon your Planet of Mother Earth.  

I leave you with the knowledge that you are one as we are one. As we are all one it is easy to see the light which is peace that peace shall always be in each one of you as the Light. One is all – One is all- All is One
with Peace.

I am Lord Amin-Ru