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Channeled Message from the Blessed Mother

Channeled Message from the Blessed Mother by Adele Marie AAdeleMarie Cd 2015 Mother-3


Dear ones I am Mary,

the energies that are mine are with each of you. I come to you this day as I am here to give to you that which I share from my heart to your heart.

Many of you are feeling an overwhelming increase of energies as you walk your life’s journey right now. This is due to the magnificent power of revelations that is the beginning of a wave of energy that will be increasing and magnifying in your months to come. As you step into this energy of revelations that is before you, your heart will be adjusting to this elevated rise of new blessings upon all who walk Mother Earth. The adjustment may not be as you have always remembered and worked with. This is a new time before you and a new energy waiting to explode. As you know there is an uprising of emotions that want to single out one over the other and this is to remember my son did not do. He did not say to you pass judgment on another. He asked you to love as he loved, to inspire those around you with the blessing of life for all beings. To you, who pray, pray deep, pray with your whole being and we shall rise above all that has been committed to your way of life upon Mother Earth. Your prayers are heard. We hear each one you send our way. We hear them and send that which is needed to you when the time arises. You have within you what is needed to be done to raise your energies into the coming of times. The coming times of Mother Earth shall have many questioning what they shall see before their eyes. Do not rise to the bait to have you snatched within their plans of riches, redemption or that of gold. For your heart shall guide you into this new energy of revelations from within. When we seek to deliver from us the darkness of light we seek the rhythm of God’s love. Within that rhythm is the answers which you shall see magnificently displayed for all to see.

Know you are where you need to be in receiving that which shall raise you up upon a platform of love. Love for humanity in a whole new light. We have all been waiting for this time. You are now ready to receive my heart into yours, as you receive this you will be taking your own level of love openness to a higher degree than ever before. My gift to you is my own heart activation into your heart with my love. With this activation you will be feeling my heart love and peace move through you. You will have that power of love to support you in all you do as you work in the light. You shall have me right there in your work and all that you give to others. For this is my gift to you, my heart to your heart.

Place your hands at your heart. See a golden blue light forming in front of your heart between your heart and your hands. See this golden blue light start to whirl between your heart and your hands. It shall then be illuminated with sparks of pink eternal love energies like sparkling stars twinkling high. As this golden blue light energy whirls it then begins to form a heart, the twinkling of pink stars creating and transforming into a beautiful magnificent heart between your heart and your hands. Illuminating in my heart love for you. The very center of this heart shall be a golden twinkling star light, spreading out to a soft pink light as it grows and intensifies. As this center golden star light whirls take a deep breath and breathe in the love and peace that I am giving to you. This is my love and peace to you. Pull this golden star light energy into your heart, see it enter into your heart and allow it to expand all through your body. Absorbing radiating thru your whole body. And feel my love and peace for you. Feel this as you pull my love and peace into your heart and make it your own. For we are now one, for you and I shall always be one with each other. You are my heart of hearts and I am now your heart. Love one another, make peace with one another. Take this love and peace and give it freely to others. Do not allow those to control you, so send them our love. For as this shift of energy magnifies in your own coming Earth weeks, this heart energy will open you up to a greater level of awareness of self and to others. It will open you up, to be above that which pulls you down. You will no longer have the desire to be left behind from those who would dishonor you. You shall rise above in my love and peace. You will now have that which shall always have you above and moving forward. Know you may access my heart energy at anytime; know you may call upon me to be with you, for I shall be there. You are my heart; you are the love and peace that is needed upon Mother Earth. You are not alone in all that you do. And now you have my heart with you to be at one, be at peace and to be the love that is gifted to everyone. For I so love each of you and give you my heart in this activation to be Love.


I Am Mary, The Beloved


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