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Channeled Message from The Blessed Mother Mary by Adele Marie

Channeled Message from The Blessed Mother Mary by Adele MarieAAdeleMarie Cd 2015 Mother-3

Children of my heart I am here. I am Mary the Beloved.

Please do not make more of what is going on in your world as we are destined to arise in the glorification of the Divine. As many weep and call forth their voice we are here standing with you. We hear those voices as they reach out among all to catch in their awareness. It is at a time on your world that we once walked in your very shoes and know we are walking now with you. Your world has turned itself in a direction that many seek changes to that which is not of the direction in which we aid without fully knowing the outcome. And we do Dear Ones, we do. Troubling minds make aware that which lays dormant within and long ignored. Is it for you to stand within the noise of another’s understanding to which it is not known. For if known then there should be no noise. Cries heard loud and clear to make happen a theology of hurt and pain from the ancestors whom have been called forth. Do you wish to seek the ancestors? And to what extent shall you seek?

You are living a time when awareness has no answers, but then again all the answers. In my time walking upon Mother Earth was not as abundant in material as it is now. We had all we needed, Earth’s humans seek more as when finding that which they cry for, it is irrelevant, as the moment in which is being lived. Find peace my children, peace in knowing your heart. You have within you the calling of home and all that home has for you is stored within you. The access which you seek for freedom is there. Laying in wait for the moment you are true to your souls’ journey. Fly children of my heart, fly within and find home. There you shall find the riches you seek. Call upon Yahweh, remember there is no fear within. Only seek the true meaning and you shall find home. Within your soul is home, home to where your heart lies. Even in this there is acceptance and understanding that shall take you further in your quest which you seek.

Strong times are ahead of you and in your timing to be where you are right now, you have but to ask that which you seek. Do not play with emotions of those around you as that takes you farther away from home. Take back your friends and your friends’ hospitality. For each friend and hospitality, you deny you deny all of us entry to home as we are all souls connected one by one. When you deny another, you deny that which is destined to be. For then you are truly seeking to be taken farther back in your own destiny.

Children of my heart do not turn your eyes from those you have shunned for another’s obligation. An obligation that you have not part in and never shall but to the beast that commands your obedience. You were not born unto your world to be a brethren of the beast, but that is the route we see you have taken. Call forth the energies of home within and allow your door to be open to those you have shut away.

Thru the eyes of another I watch and walk among you. We have seen enough of the crying and we have not turned or back upon you, but you have turned your back upon those around you.

Why do you allow your destiny to be swallowed by those with whom has no soul journey with you? Why do you cry foul so much as that then awakens the dogma of ever ending peace? You who are not within hearing but demand the hearing for those who are not to be within your boundaries.

We are of a one energy this we have shared many times, but you have been allowed to seek a journey that was not your own but that of those who have enslaved you. And how do you come to know you are in the right? How do you toss away those around you to accept those who you have not any understanding? Where does that place your soul, humans? You have chosen to be heard and accepted in an archaic way of struggles. These struggles become from your own which you believe are not being heard in the Heavens around you, how wrong you are. Since you in which believe you are not being heard you then find those who you champion. These are being placed within your line of vision as to distract you from your own plight within. Calm is needed in place of your anxieties to be the voice of others. The beast shall continue to walk over you as long as you stay within its vision. You have allowed your own journey to not be of original content but that of the beast. Raining down upon you, catastrophes until you speak its language. A language which you are unfamiliar with in your world, but you are accepting it as your own, unable to find the dialect from your original form any longer. When control comes, and you cry out in pain, there shall not be those who hear you upon your planet as you have stilled the voice within, so they shall not hear you. You have blinded the eyes that assist you for eyes that blind you. You have meticulous stilled the voice of those who you shall run too. But they shall not know you. The knock upon your door shall be the ones who you owe, not those within whom assist you. Think Children of my Heart to where you are. Think about the voice of home within you, find that voice to be free from the beast that lies in wait for all those who hear its whine and whimpering like a child hurt upon play. To run in assistance for not what needs assistance but a brother of conformity to its will.  For to play that game with the beast is to not win but finding yourself very far from home. You have chosen to not play in your own backyard, but from the village of pain. You have walked past your neighbor to seek new neighbors, you have withdrawn from your own worth to gain an independence that is not truly there for you as you believe. Children of my Heart there are ways to assist without being the beast’s plaything.


Breathe Children of my Heart and go home within. See who you truly are, and that which is the journey for you to be. Yeshua followed only home, Yeshua in his own journey found the beast and followed until the time came when he cast the beast aside as home called him where he found truth within. That then allowed Yeshua to seek those how were in true pain, those who were controlled and called them forth to seek the home within. You too are seeking home. Go within my child as I wait there of you.

Close your eyes and place your hands upon your heart space. Breathe my child, breathe in the energies around you. Breathe in love. Breathe in truth. Breathe in Light. And ask to go within the chambers of Mary the Beloved. Here you shall see my symbol, and there all those who truly seek home shall find admittance. Journey with me as I extend my hand to you, take my hand and allow me to show you home. Then when our time is near I shall give to you the peace you seek to then claim your own. As you awaken from this journey you shall be of light, home and love. You shall know in which direction you are to travel from that moment on. Do not allow the physical world to interrupt your journey as it has been. For as Yeshua stumbled, fell upon the land to embrace, not wavering in his faith in what he found within home. You have all that you need as you reenter your world with eyes that see more than before. Eyes that see the beast as it truly is. Truly with no harm to your neighbors you seek their hand once more to join in love, not war. Your words to one another have wounded deeply. Forgiveness my child is the truth in which lights your journey. Forgive and allow love to rein once more and all shall be well. Do not allow those who take out of greed to rule your heart, for that which they take is your own worth.

Shine Children of my Heart, for home is near and ever with you. I am with you as you are with me.

You are worthy of every journey which you created upon your entry into Mother Earth, even though many paths and lifetimes have taken its toll. This lifetime you are to seek truth without the coercion of those who only live in greed.  A heavy falseness has been like a blanket laid upon you, with your entrance home the blanket shall be lifted away. You shall have times of doubt and human fear, but know, that fear is an impression of greed and heartache that is not your own.

Love Children of my Heart, Love shall be with you. Seek home within and I shall journey with you to ever lasting peace, forgiveness and love. For I am always with you.


I AM Mary the Beloved.


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