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Channeled Message from The Blessed Mother

Channeled Message from the Blessed Mother by Adele Marie

Dear ones I am Mary, the energies that are mine are with each of you. I come to you this day as I am here to give to you that which I share from my heart to your heart.

Why do you cry? My child you do not walk alone, you walk with me and I am forever with you.

In these trials upon which you are living, is the trails of forgiveness and family. You are not out of touch with the energies, you have just forgotten what the energies truly are. As the energies have gone thru an accelerated mind shift paradigm that you are needed to stand your guard and stabilize what is to take place. You have forgotten what your soul is crying out for you to keep living while upon Mother Earth. You have forgotten your sacred contract and given over to worldly talk and disarray. Energies fractured, left to the edge as you delve deeper into the hierarchy that leads you astray. This I say to all living beings. You have been given energies to sustain you and you have allowed those energies to blind you in the material world of unforgiveness to humankind. You have given yourself over to the atrocities that handed you out of the gate, far from the kingdom. And where does that find you now?

We walk side by side, we feel your unease, we know you. Humankind has a way of unloading the burden upon those who have had the strength to see it though. You are the strength. Never forget, you are the strength. When allowed to walk with your head held high you find yourself going in the direction of your own choosing. A higher energy of pure love guidance. When your head is down pointed towards the ground upon that which you walk, you are going in the direction of those before you, gallows are full and still they follow. Secure your relations with your family. Even I at a time of great turmoil I asked to keep my family at my side and still they took to their own direction. This too you shall see. Forgive with all your heart. There are enemies within the camp. They are working hard to keep the bondage upon all of you. You had your turn to choose wisely before and this did not work, humanity reaps what they hemmed long ago. Energy flows from the past to the present in ways that are unfathomed to the human eye to see. But you have had chances to undo what was done. This too shall be a time to look back upon with greatness and joy. Bring your family close. Keep them even closer.  For there shall be a call for them to walk away.  That call is not from Yahweh. That is from the deep underground luring them with nothingness that they do not yet see.

A child is the most precious energy that walks in humankinds’ shoes. They are the reason to forgive. The structure cannot withhold what is coming, they need the innocence to fuel it along. No one of humanity is immune unless they have forgiveness in their heart. Forgiveness to their own energy of living here and now. Take the hands around you and give over your fears, your worries, your hurt and pain. Give them to me and I shall walk with you. I shall be your strength when you cannot hold yourself up any longer. I shall whisper in their ears of your love that holds true. I shall walk with them into the glory of heaven. I shall never allow them to be alone. There is a tremendous upheaval in your world. One that cannot sustain itself to much longer. Never fear for I am here with you. As you need me call out that need of me. Be solemn in your progression of words and allow me to be there for you. I shall call out into the heavens for entry way of all whom ask. I shall not fail you. But shall you fail your own self the glory to be in the presence of Yahweh? No child of light, for I AM with you. I shall not let you fall; I shall not let you mourn in pain of the greater of humanity is given to those who selflessly go before you. They are of the energies of the Olden Council. They have the knowledge that was taken for granted and thrown away and abused. They have done their time on your Mother Earth. As there are jubilees in going home.  Learn what you can from them, for they take secret elements of knowledge that cannot be attained once they are no longer living among you. You history has been rewritten with consequences that shall lay upon your door when you least expect. Be the strength. Eyes open my child, we all need to be as one.

Do not walk in fear but walk in strength. Do not allow created plagues to touch upon you to bring about the deep dark call upon you. Be safe my child. Be safe. Do not be oblivious to the energies that shall try to sway you from staying in the family unit. Be well my child. We are here, we walk among you. All shall be well, never fear. All shall be as it is to be.


 I Am Mary, The Beloved



Thank you Mother for we hear you, we listen & we love you.


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele


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