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Channeled Message with Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru

Channeled Message with Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru

Channeled by Adele Marie

To be blinded by light is worth every moment…to be blinded by greed and slavery is your every moment…

the Ego Fire has erupted…. Humiliation!


Everywhere we go there are so many things on the minds of the human perspective in these latest of world events, I sat down with my counsel of Angelic Wise Ones and Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru to ask them what all of this is about, immediately they wanted to let me know that everything is as it should be with a few exceptions.

A lot of focus is being on this Covid 19 awareness right now; this is an area of time that has been going on longer than you and I. A time in which we have been systematically brought to our knees in manipulations and slavery greed.  And it shows how easy it is to get caught up in the physical world of what is being portrayed to the world in a mass exposure. Is this mass exposure for us to be aware of, in the context of fear? Or is it to open our eyes in the work that we are here to do? Let’s look:


Greetings to you the Children of Light, I am here with you, as we need to make you aware of the growing infestation of your human populace. We have been transferring the souls that have reached out to us in seeking their deliverance. Now that we have delivered them, and they are in the presence of Yahweh. That which is being given to you as the seeker is seeking that which it brings the hidden humiliation.

Humiliation is a powerful energy of source when confronted it knows no territory that will escape its reach. You have been living upon your Planet of Mother Earth in an Ego Fire of energy that was brought about by not you who seek with your heart. But by those who spoke of honesty and gave you deceit. Sit back and listen as I share with you the investment in which you have given darkness a platform to reach every living cell within the human body. An extension within your breath, your DNA, your life force energy that has been compromised and slowly acclimated to accept with all your being. Heart, mind, body and soul.

Did you not Children of Light see the light at the end of the tunnel? Did you not voice your words with humor, grace and love to your communities? We shared with you to build your communities strong. Connect your communities of light as then we shall give to you the way to be illuminated in the answers you seek, the world in which you asked to live in. Illuinated Light. We have given you the journey on a silver platter. And you have been guided by a greater force without even seeing the sting as it was happening.

An Alchemist looks at the energy and sees the path to which it needs to journey. That path of journey is between the levels of darkness to see within the inner illumination. When you have an off balance of that alchemy you get lost within the confines of energy and then it sucks you in whole. You find that you are where you believe you need to be, but in reality, you are between the layers. It is the journey a soul takes upon transitioning home. The soul has less that a millisecond to determine the door to which it shall walk. When it opens that door, it can be in seclusion to the elements around it until the soul then recognizes where it is and what door it has opened. Just as the Teacher opens doors into the realms and assist you in a journey of discovery, she knows that to which door needs to be opened. She can see the layers; she can see the light which is true and that which is dark. A novice tries to open the same doors as the Teacher without that knowledge and finds themselves lagging to identify where they are. They are lost until their soul cradles them in love and escorts them out. That discovery is one of neglecting the souls’ journey and is humiliated in finding they do not know as much as they professed they do.

When then confronted with that discovery the Ego Fire erupts and tries to attack the originator for being correct, without admittance their own self was wrong. The humiliation was too extreme to listen to the soul to just understand to learn the walk and then the correct alchemical doors shall open. Ego Fire shall be a constant energy unto you Light worker opens your own door to see. It is self-destructive and does not understand the irregular acquaintance it delivers. But Ego Fire knows what it is about.

In your Earth history, your Planet of Mother Earth has shown you the path to journey. You ancestors gave you that path to walk in their shoes, to correct that which needed to be corrected. Not erased to establish a new regime of power. You shall not live by erasing that which was before. You shall only get lost to that which shall be. Your powers that be know this and used knowledge to acclimate you to an energy that lived deep within them. The creation of twinology of human living energies that mirrored their own so the world would never be out of touch to the Ego Fire, and you would never see what was being create within you. Most of humankind would call that abuse and indoctrination into the Ego Fire to never walk away from. And you are showing that to us as I speak. Their soul, their Ego Fire erupted from humiliation and to not be defeated. They attacked to create their one power beneath you. Maneuverings run ramped in your world. Its reaches are extensive to share in this time, just know that no living body upon your Planet of Mother Earth is left untouched.  

Ahhh… are you starting to see? See the way your physical life was going; see the way your physical life is now. Where is your community? Where is your light- lightworkers? You allowed it to be dimmed in the infrastructure of the Ego Fire which laughs at your thoughts, which are not yours, but subconsciously programmed into you. YOU say you are a worker in the light, but you shame others in their work, their thoughts their words. That is not of the light, but of the Ego Fire that you have claimed and pulled within you. See it for what it is, descend into your soul to seek the light once more. Fight with your Ego Fire to take your light back. The breath that you give to others. The living life force energy awaits to assists those who do.  Arise in your light, claim that ascension. The Teacher said there shall be another soul awakening, this is your time to reawaken the light within lightworkers, what are you waiting for? It is not too late but know you shall have adverse energies protesting this acclimation. Be the worker to see this coming and then fight to illuminate the light once again. All shall eb well when you cross that path in your journey, if you so ask it to be. Move ahead and claim your original light once again.

In your human world, when one is humiliated what does one then do? Slink back into your own self to analyze why the humiliation is there? Or cover up that humiliation to show the world that you are self-virtuous, the injured party? Does one fight back then? Of course, the human ego one does. The Ego Fire demands it at all cost. Throwing all their energy into humiliating the one who bested them. One who can set the Nation to an energy of authority over one’s own soul once again. Do you not see this? You do not own your soul right now, the Ego Fire does. You have swallowed, you have claimed, and you have fought to ascend that energy to every living being you know and then those to whom you do not know. You’re the Chalice upon which the whole humankind has been seeking. The grail of all grails. It is all energy do you not see this? It is your energy that was sought to be created in the likeness of darkness to take that which is not yours. You have a system in place that has been the envy of all beings around your Planet of Mother Earth and you cannot see this?

You have been sold to the highest bidder and to receive the payment, you had to be indoctrinated into accepting a dogma of a false self-rectitude that was not yours to begin with. To destroy that which humiliated the program that which was set into place. Light worker do you not see this?

Once the Ego Fire had erupted the flow of energy rooted you into a false identity that allowed the Ego Fire to live well beyond its means. How numerous were you falsified on an image? There are darker days ahead. As your World War 3 has commenced around you, not alerted you to its presence. You have been given a prelude to what shall be in place in your Nation and around your Planet of Mother Earth.

When a power is humiliated the power explodes and touches everything in its path to give back that same energy. This is what you are living right now. You are a human wager unto the world around you. And you have been sold off and the buyer needs to collect. The power players. shall do all within its means to claim that which has never been theirs to buy or be bargained off. Your living soul.

Be and do. Go within and reclaim your own soul Light worker. Go in a see your souls’ truth to what you are living. Go into a strong descension to rise and ascend and we shall be with you. We shall assist you to see what you have been programmed to not see. Allow the Ego Fire to be humiliated to then fight back to claim you right.

Teacher from here on out we shall meet daily to oversee the changes upon which I have spoken. We shall collectively assist in that energy to all lightworkers who seek the truth in illumination. The Ego Fire has risen, and the Ego Fire shall fight. Know we shall be with you. Call upon us in your descension and we shall be with you. The choice Children of Light is yours to make. Live in darkness to your days are through, loneliness shall be a rule of the new order or live in your souls’ light as your soul contract decrees.

You are living a time of great peril upon you Planet of Mother Earth; you are not alone unless you seek to discredit the light within your soul.

A disease has been chemically placed in strategic locations to combat the humiliation of defeat. Your world has descended in a time of covering up that which needs to be unearthed. Do not allow the energies to hold you hostage any longer. Know that this is a deliberate war created by those whom know the truth was coming to light. A distraction of unparalleled dimensions of darkness.

I shall leave you with my words as before. Peace shall come to all of you, you must not let the energy take you in the wrong direction, it can be deceiving can it not? You can get swept away before you realize what is happening. Just take a step back, descend and then arise Children of Light to do what your soul arrived into your world to do. You shall rewind the pages of your history to discover once again your words are no longer effective against a deep energy of darkness for the words are of yesterday, not today.”


Peace to you All, I AM Lord Amin Ru



May we all take the time to do only one thing, and that is to send “Peace of Heart” to all living individuals in our World for which we see… feel… and hear their words, their calling from their hearts to ours, for you do recognize this, this is what we each have inside of us, the understanding of the peace of who we are and where we are all connected to the Heavens, take a moment and feel the Peace of Heart within you and then send it out to all in the Nations of people across the lands of Mother Earth.

Love, Laughter & Light,
Adele Marie



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