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Climbing that Mountain

I see so many individuals in my travels who are truly open to learning; they place their best foot forward and climb the mountain of knowledge.

They take all of the information they are learning and start to apply it in all they do. About a quarter of the way up the mountain, they start to stumble, due to no fault of their own, they just did not see that little dip before them as they continued to climb. They take a moment to ask themselves, what in the world is this little dip and why did I not see it? They gather themselves up and continue up that mountain. Remembering along the way, all of the information they had been gathering. As their minds start to wander into that which they are learning, they trip and fall. Once again the stop and ask Why in the world is there a dip in this passage? They stop to look and sure enough, there is a dip. Now as they are looking at it., a thought comes to mind. It is such a minor dip, just a little thing, no harm done. They stand up and continue to climb the mountain, as they are approaching the top they stumble and fall, and as they stop to look there is a huge hole in their path. Now they stop and sit and ask, why is there such a huge hole in my path? They take a look all around the area of the path and finally notice that the huge hole before them is the opening that God has given them to see inside the mountain. By surprise, they jump for glee, for what wonders will await them as they enter, but is it for them to enter? Enter they do and what do they find? A site so glorious that it is too hard to see clearly for before them stands the messiah himself. Jesus walks to them and says ” The path you walk is not as easy as you have found, for all of these little dips have been a test of your faith to that which you say you love. For each time you fell, you got back up and continued up the mountain, you kept your trust to believe in me and all that I promise you that will come true. Moreover, each time you got up I was there on bended knee to catch your fall. Now you stumbled upon that which is no longer ignored. For as you fell this one last time, I was here as promised for you kept your faith and you found your trust and when you find all of these you find me.

Now pick yourself up and let us go to the top of the mountain together, as I have been waiting a long time to show you all I have to give to you the faithful, the trusting the believer in all that I AM.

When we start to grow in our spiritual journey there will be many little dips along the way and with each little dip there is always going to be one who is with you. You may not notice and you may not see, but God is there with you always. Keep believing in that which they say is impossible; build your faith along the way and trust yourself and God in all you do. For you are never alone and you shall be lead the way in the light of all that is within you. Glory in the knowing you have been walking with God all the Way.

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie

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