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December 2020 Energies with Angelic Wise Ones

Hello Angels- Adele Marie’s Welcome Memo

Adele’s Message- Soul Vibrational Energies

Angelic Merry Christmas Holiday Special

Channeled Message From the Beloved Mother Mary

Spirit Talk Time & Girl Talk at Spirit Talk Time

Thursday Night Message with Adele Marie


Welcome Memo From Adele Marie


Hi Angels, Well, we have pulled through with every energy hitting us this year and we have so much more to go as we close out 2020. So long, see ya later, bye-bye! Just a short reminder to everyone about where they place their energies moving forward into 2021… Take a moment to sit back, take a deep breath and then see within your minds eye, all that is the true reality, this then shall take you within the realms of light….


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays are here for everyone to enjoy in this new paradigm of energies