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December mews brings great news, abundantly for you!

Angelic Wise Ones December 2019 Newsletter.
I love the energies right now. Can’t you feel it?… No more Retrogrades to be in our field of vision and energies. It’s Time to Celebrate !
December is a month to welcome any and all hilarious and informative fun, abundance with Holiday Joy into our lives. I have so much to share with you. We have a whole new platform of yummy goodness coming your way as we step into the new Year of 2020. I know you will enjoy all that Spirit has been guiding us in as we share with you. This New Year of 2020 that shall be with us soon, so get up and dance as these energies right now are wonderfully supporting in any directions you choose.
Spirit, as you  know, keeps you busy once you say I am yours lets do this…lol.. And Spirit has kept us busy working together creating to assist you in your Spiritual journey and connection of the highest energies.
Allow me to share what I am talking about….From our LIVE TV Show(s) Spirit Talk Time “Today’s Modern Spiritual Talk Show”, and Girls Talk @Spirit Talk Time (Hilariously Girl talk & share time), Tea Time with Spirit Talk Time (now that is an amazingly fun night! Yes, we go LIVE with a Studio Audience members who receive messages and gifts from Spirit all from the Ladies of Spirit Talk Time. you can get your tickets here to attend
I have also been going LIVE with my Thursday Night Messages delivering and answering questions to you from Spirit. Join me Thursday Night 8:00 pm EST on my Angelic Wise Ones Face Book page.
This is something that has been so much fun, we have an amazing hard working crew, nothing is scripted as we allow Spirit to lead the way, and each one of us pour our heart out in being your Spirit Guides.
If you feel have missed out in all of this, do not worry as we have so much more to offer that we are bringing you starting the New Year of 2019. In the meantime join Shelowann, Jeanette and myself on my FACE BOOK page of Angelic Wise ones Sunday’s 8:00pm. EST. to find out what I am talking about. Be ready to laugh and do some Spirit Development as we give you the skinny on what to expect as you work with Spirit, learn how to develop with Spirit, questions answered, and how to bring Spirit more into your life.
Check it out….Remember right now until the end of December is my 12th Annual Angelic Wise Ones Holiday Special. I only offer this once a year and it is my way of saying Thank You for being Awesome. as you explore the Special huge savings await you with Private Readings and Group Readings. Make sure you take advantage of this wonderful holiday season offer today, you can find the link HERE
We have some new announcements that shall be arriving soon, so stay tuned for our next added journey with Spirit!
Check out the rest of this Newsletter, See what Holiday Special works for you, Join us to see Spirit Talk Time, and see you soon.
Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie
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