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Dinner and Messages with Adele Marie & The Angelic Wise Ones®

 An exciting Night out with Adele Marie and The Angelic Wise Ones®

 Join Adele for a Private Dinner at her favorite places as she travels this year and share in the joy of having Spirit upfront and personal with you.

Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to be able to walk both the physical and Spiritual worlds at the same time?

Or just to sit down and wonder what someone sees or is thinking about? Are they seeing things you cannot see, is Adele always seeing things? What does she see around me? What does she already know about me?

As an Oracle and Visionary Messenger Adele does just that. Adele walks all worlds in her day to day life and she is ready to share that rare glimpse into her world here on Mother Earth. A night of great food, laughter, sharing stories and receiving answers to your most inner quest of questions. And of course Messages from Spirit and her Angelic Wise Ones®.  Think of all the questions you have always had and just needed someone to answer them for you. Adele’s infectious laughter and no nonsense style of delivering messages with grace and elegance provides those answers for you.

A night to never forget but always remember…


This is a very rare and special intimate evening with Adele Marie

Space is limited to nine individuals  

Date: July 20, 2019

Time: 7:00 pm.

Location: Maryland

Location invitation and address to be delivered by email upon completed Reservation


Includes: Dinner and Messages from Spirit with Adele Marie and The Angelic Wise Ones®

NOTE: Please be aware that Adele Marie does not drink alcoholic beverages. This is a non-alcohol event.

UPCOMING 2019 Dates:

October 19, 2019


Dinner with Adele Marie

“I joined Adele for dinner one night and it was so fascinating I kept forgetting to eat” 

Jess – Miami, Florida

Adele opened my eyes to so many things for me, I cannot wait to do this again”

Nancy – Edgewater, Maryland

You know when you sit down with Adele Marie, that the night is going to be fabulous and unforgettable”

John – Kent Island, Maryland

“OMG, I never laughed so hard, or enjoyed a night out until I went to dinner with Adele Marie , she answered all of my questions and I had a lot. She is simply gorgeous and I see why she is gifted as a natural”

Tammy – Annapolis, Maryland

Dinner, I do not even remember dinner as I was enthralled with the conversations around the table, Thank you Adele Marie , I loved everything about dinner with you!”

Alexander – Columbia, Maryland

“So worth everything to go out to dinner with Adele, I shall be back !”

Dina – Laurel, Maryland

“This was the coolest thing I have ever done, thank you Adele, I can’t wait until next time!”

Jody, Annapolis, MD.

If you have the chance take it, it will change your life. I have always been fascinated and until my wife passed away I did not really know what to expect. Adele opened my eyes in the most remarkable way and I can now hear my wife as she tells me goodnight. Thank you very much.”

Anthony, Deale, MD.

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