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Happy New Year & Thank You!

Thank you all for your support these past two months. Life is full of changes and we have certainly gone thru our share right now. My December Newsletter was not published as many of you may not know; we had a family emergency in the early hours as we were leaving Florida in November. My children and their families decided we were all due for a much needed vacation together, first one for all of us in over five years. My Dad came along for this trip as we would not go anywhere without him. We had a blast visiting Mickey & Minnie, so much joy, laughter & fun. We also had the chance to visit with my brother and his loving family and with many of my clients, marvelous time. There were so many synchronicities before and during this trip, and mind you, I was driving the whole way, as I love to see our beautiful country up close. My dad and I with the kids had the chance to share old stories and talk about many things we have not done in a long time. I had the chance to treat him and he treated us too. Ohhh…we even went to Universal Studios, I Love Harry Potter so we were all excited to enter the Wizardly World…interesting and yet enjoyable… Before we knew it, I turned around and Dad was at the counter purchasing his wand…lol…I enjoyed that chuckle very much…Never say you cannot surprise a Medium…and I will live to think back upon that statement.


Have you ever been doing something and just waiting for something to happen? That is how I felt the whole trip, I was enjoying myself but my Angelic Wise Ones were very close to me the whole time, so much so, that I had to laugh as it was almost as if they too were just waiting, looking back now…waiting to see my reaction…trying to give me the heads up…

As we were packing up the cars to leave our time in Florida for the drive back home and all the joy we shared..it was around four in the morning, my Dad had seemed to have an attack. We rushed him to the hospital thinking he had had a stroke. Little did we know that the doctor would come back with the words “mass” in his chest.

Bamm….. every word, every conversation, every sense, every warning bell came back like a thunder bolt of lightning right to my heart. Needless to say, I sent the kids home as there was nothing they could do and we knew we were going to be in Florida a while longer. All week I sat right there beside him as he went thru the entire gamut of tests, asked every question I could and tried my best to comfort him as we all still in shock…I went over every conversation that week, every warning sign, every nuance of energy. I knew he was not coming home with me, I knew it was not arthritis in his shoulder, I knew he was out of sorts lately, I knew when he said this was his last big trip, etc…I knew and like him, just wanted to enjoy these moments together for all of us on this trip. As he said “this will be my last long trip”.

Well after a week, we finally got him released from the Florida hospital, my brother flew down and brought him back to Maryland ( I took the auto train, and Dad did not come back with me from Florida)..We finally got him over to Hopkins with some Angelic Help from a Dear Angel (smile) and here we are as he goes thru his chemo rounds. And thru it all as his caregiver, he has been a champ. He takes it all in stride and never complains.

He is still my Hero!

Ohhh… and when they did the pick line for his chemo and then they did the biopsy thru his chest, I sat there thru it all. Yes, I was allowed to be with him and they did both of these surgeries…actually I was not even asked whether I wanted to stay or leave, they just went about it with me there…kinda interesting, but I am very thankful that I did get that opportunity to be with him, as I never had that chance with my Mom. We have a long way to go but we have more things organized now with the scheduling, and here we are….Thank you everyone for your prayers we love them all…So Angels, December’s Newsletter never made it to press and I thank all of you for your patience and time in sharing my story. Of course it is condensed but I wanted to share, and say thank you.

Also thank you to everyone who took advantage of my Merry Christmas Special this year, It is always a treat when I get to offer this Special each year at this time, as not only is it a way to say Thank You to everyone, but also a way to honor a message I gave to my Mom…

We have New workshops coming to you so check them out. I also have some really interesting writings and articles that are getting ready to be published so keep an eye out for those too. And do not forget to order your copy of the book ” Inspired Journeys” by Tammy Bowers as I am honored to be one of the contributing authors and you will love this book. It is very heartfelt, inspirational and joyful, a lovely gift to others and to your self.

Happy Happy New Year 2015

I cannot wait to get this year going…so many surprises in store for everyone!


Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie 

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