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Hello from the Massage Corner with Shannon

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As a Massage Therapist and Medium, body work is always an adventure with each client. Not only am I given the privilege to be a part of your pain relief, your wellness regimen and relaxation protocol but I also get a deeper look into your energy and energy systems to be a part of the mind, body and spiritual healing on different levels. I appreciate what each client brings to the table, literally, as I learn from each one as we are all unique in our makeup.

Massage therapy is based in physical touch and manipulation of the muscular system. Addressing tight, short, spasmed or knotted muscles with different modalities and techniques brings about pain relief, increases range of motion and addresses physical issues that sometimes cannot be addressed in other healing modalities. Massage is sought out for different reasons such as chronic conditions involving headaches, frozen shoulder syndrome, sciatica and neck pain or for overall wellness based reasons such as relaxation, depression, stress reduction and insomnia.

When you receive massage regularly you become more aware of your body and how it functions and moves, what it responds to and your overall energy. Research makes strong connections between massage and increased emotional, physical, and cognitive improvements in adults. Touch itself appears to stimulate our bodies to react in very specific ways. The right kind can lower blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol levels, stimulate the hippocampus (an area of the brain that is central to memory), and strengthen the immune system. The physical effects of touch by massage therapy are far-reaching.

In my practice massage therapy is combined with my abilities as a medium and energy healer. Even though each person is unique, all of my clients share similar muscular issues and energy disruptions that result in the pain or dysfunction for which they have sought out healing. Upon meeting a new client I am frequently able to assess their concerns by a quick read of their energy and watching how they move in their bodies. After reviewing symptoms, history and a brief chat this is often confirmed. With the opening touch of massage the muscular system begins to convey the issues in the body like a roadmap or gps directing the way to the problem area(s). However, while the muscle fibers and their distorted state may be the source of the physical discomfort there is always a disturbance in the energy field, emotional state or both. Addressing all three aspects of mind, body and spirit is the optimal way to accelerated healing.

Receiving massage therapy to address chronic or wellness concerns is empowering as you become a partner in your healing. You become more aware of self and how that feels, whether good or bad. Many experience physical relief and lack of pain, a more content mental state and overall feelings of wellbeing. If you haven’t already incorporated massage therapy into your healing regime now’s the time to!

Yours in health and healing,


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