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By each of us stepping up to do what needs to be done, we are assisting the light energies to each living being around Mother Earth. We are sending enormous amounts of love & gratitude to everyone and wish only the best for those who are still working in essential living jobs. I know we can go thru the list of individuals who are out there right now tending to all of our human needs, when they themselves should be able to be home and rest up too. But to do so, would still leave others out of our prayers, so we extend prayers to all living beings, for doing their part in tending to humanities alerts at this time.

From those on the front lines, to those who are sick, to those who tend to our garbage, to those who tend to out hurts. To those whom know deep within they can make a difference, to those who know not what to do. To stay out of the way to allow others to succeed when they have their hands full.  To those who have to go in to answer the call in emergencies. We are grateful and honor you …each and everyone one of you. To those who stay home to stay out of the way, to those who take care and deliver goods to those that cannot. We shall succeed, we shall get thru this and we can, as we are humans bent on our well being to survive any and all that is thrown our way. Each and every living being we love you.

In doing our part:

I have closed the shop as we go thru this at Shop 18B on March 18, 2020 until the time comes when we are allowed to open back up.

All Workshops, Classes and Readings with Me are all by phone or on several social media apps to bring us together across the miles.

Nights of Channeling shall be still happening on Zoom. Please Register on Angelic Wise Ones.com 

Make sure you catch the latest episode of our Spiritual Shows on Thursday Nights starting at 7:00 pm. EST with:

Spirit Talk Time- Today’s Modern Spiritual talk Show & Girl Talk @Spirit Talk Time & Thursday Night Messages with me, Adele Marie

The First Wednesday of every month we have Girl Talk Pajama Party 8:00 pm. on Angelic Wise Ones Face Book page… grab your PJ’s, candy, popcorn and join us for some fun, insights and laughter with girls of like mind!

If you have not had the chance to catch our shows, check out my Face Book page at Angelic Wise Ones and you can see all the Shows we have posted to assist you in your spiritual development, Angels, Spirit Guides, girls talking about everything and laughter to brighten your days.

We can do what we can by making sure we keep alert, healthy and present in today’s ever changing world.

Latest Angelic Updates:

My Podcast “318 Whispers”– Shall be available soon, so keep your eyes open for that announcement.

We will be launching our XOXO Illuminate Magazine. I am so excited. We have a great and wonderful staff of editors, reporters, journalists, creatives, professionals to bring all this together and you are going to love our XOXO Illuminate Magazine. Spirits way of illuminate you from the inside out!


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele


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