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Holiday times when we miss them the most

Hi Angels,Mom

I remember my grandmother once telling me that when our loved ones cross over and go home during the holiday season it is because they do not want to be forgotten. And you may be sitting there saying ” I will never forget” well there are days when yes, you are living and you forget just for a moment. And you know what… it is okay. As we need to live here still, as they are living beyond the veils and walking beside us.

It is the hardest time of the year. We are looking at the year that has gone by,  feeling as if time has flown by,  even though there were times when it walked no faster than a snails pace. Time… time is so irrelevant that we never stop to consider time. We are always on time or fashionably late. We are using time to document the hours we work or when we have to meet up with someone. Everyone has that time for dinner and if you forget, well your stomach reminds you. Time is what we really do have when we stop to look around us to see what is important and where we place our values of importance.

This time of year is very important for many reasons and not just because we lost a loved one,  but because we remember them so strongly as we close our hearts off to the gaiety around us. We do not feel as if we can enjoy ourselves when that special part of us is missing. Believe it or not the guilt that is associated is there, why guilt? Because we are here and we are still living when we wish it was us that had transitioned and not our loved one. But here is the kicker. Would you want your loved one to be here, and you there, to feel what you feel all the time without them here?  The ultimate sacrifice of love that we give to one another in the others place. Please do not think guilt is the only emotion, just one of many. For loneliness plays a huge roll. Passion is there too just as hurt and pain.

In my profession everyday is a hard day when I sit across from someone whom is missing their loved one. And even if I know and see them right there with us as our time together draws to a close, I know it cannot replace their lost time with their loved one. But here I am and that is what I love to do. Allow you for that very moment to connect back and know they are with you and they are living just as you and I are living, just a little bit more transparent then we are. Giving time and energy to bring them just a little bit closer than you may feel on any given day, because I too have lost loved ones and I have lost them during the holiday season. I know what it feels like and how at times I just need them once again to hug me, laugh with me or even get a good argument going. You see this lets us know we are still feeling, we are still loving and we still are living.

This holiday season I share my heart with each of you and this is why I offer my Merry Christmas Special from my Mom to all of you. To allow you the special connection with your loved ones that you seek to be easier than every before. My Mom was a giver to everyone she met and I would like to know I can continue that little piece of her to all of you. My prayer is for all of us to allow the process of understanding…We are loved and we love more so than anyone realizes, and yes they are always with you. Set a place at Christmas to continue to share just as you have always done before.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Angels from our heart to Yours!


Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie

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