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Introducing The Visionary Messenger

The night featured many exciting events:

 Introduction to the book

 Guided Meditation

 Platform Mediumship

 Book Signing

The Night also featured the sale of Adele’s new Guided Journal as well as her remarkable five Meditation CD’s: Counsel of One

 Counsel at Birth

 Counsel of Degree

 Walking with the Blessed Mother

 Keeper of the Crystal Temple

The night was a great success with a full to capacity event of Lightworker’s in attendance. Adele stepped out as the knowledgeable teacher that she is and opened the night of sharing and enlightenment of the Spiritual realms with everyone. She inspired the audience to recognize the ability and power we all hold within ourselves here on Mother Earth.

Adele looks forward to holding more events in the near future at the Small Business Park in Odenton, Md.

If you or anyone you know, would like to schedule Adele for an event please email the office at adele@angelicwiseones.com

Thank you to everyone who attended this wonderful event!