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Keep ringing my friends for I am listening…

That ringing that just seems to never go away.AWO-blue starburst 3 (2)


How many days and hours have I been out and about doing my own thing and there it is… the loud overwhelming ringing that is so hard to describe as it obliterates my hearing until I acknowledge it. I then take the time to seek out the reasoning of all this ringing.

So yes, I stop to look around me to see what I am being guided to look at, what I am being guided to read, listening in all the directions around me or a plethora of things in my environment, my zone at that time. I know it is then up to me to say “ok, I got it, what do you need me to understand or look at right now?” and as soon as I steer myself in a different direction it gets softer or louder until I hit upon what they wish for me to see, understand, acknowledge, notice or get done. And then I have to laugh or smile and yes, sometimes groan as to what they are pushing me to acknowledge.

When we open ourselves to our Spirit Guides which this includes our Loved Ones in Heaven (spirit) our Angels, life changes. Lifetimes of guidance right there at your fingertips or more importantly your being.

These are the individuals before and around us who have traveled, lived, loved, lost, won, cried, fought and experienced so many of the exact same things that you have or are going to live through in this physical lifetime that you have to ask yourself … why did I never opened this door before? Why did I not believe and take a much easier path in life by asking to get to know all of those in Spirit whom are with me? Why did I allow someone else to talk me out of opening this door as to not feel weird or embarrassed? Why did I not believe in myself enough to open that door to enjoy my life?

Because as you open this door, you open your soul to the guidance, miracles, love, laughter, caring, compassion, forgiveness, communications (do I need to keep going?) life in a whole new experience. You open your soul up to say “hello, yes I am here and I am welcome you”.  Ahhh… because there is a kicker to all of this.

You see, when you allow yourself to open the door top spirit, you also open the door to seeing the truth within your life and that is something that can be scary (depending on the individual) and where they wish to be in their life.

Opening the door is giving yourself a chance to explore what is out there with no filters, just acceptance, faith and awareness. Letting go of the illusions that have been set before you your whole life. To maybe admit there has to be something more. To finally allow yourself to live before your time here is all gone. Not having any regrets in knowing you allowed yourself to live with no censors to your own living self..

What is more, I am tired of hearing “all of this is hard work”. How hard is it to be who you are meant to be in this world? How hard is it to just be happy? How hard is it for once in your life to find out about something that has intrigued or somehow been pushing you to find out more? You have already lived thru so much in your lifetime already here and now. Think back on all of your years here on Mother Earth and all that you have lived…You have lived thru drama, fear, battles and more as here you are reading this right now. Seems to me you have survived, God Bless You and Congratulations. Oh…the battle scars? Yup, got them and a whole lot more, from your neighbor to your best friends, to your sibling and ancestors, we all have our battle scars. Thank goodness you have them, because can you imagine a world where you were not allowed to explore life to be able to receive those battle scars? Collectively we all have battle scars and wounds from the moment we are born in this world to this very moment, it is called life.

The battle of bringing a pure soul love into a world where you are not allowed to love until you feel you can defend that love deep within your soul.

So we find at an early age that life is hard, but should we allow that word to keep being a front runner in our lives? Should we allow that word to be the battle cry as we take each step in our journey? I have a hard time when individuals keep telling me not only is it hard but they have fallen off of their path. And I want to reach out and ask them why do they keep running? Why do they keep turning their back on their own self? What and who is more important than your very living soul? ( well yes, my children, but they know that in order for me to give to them, I must give to my own soul) For you see if my own living soul is not aligned then what I give to them will not be in alignment and what good is that to any of us? I only have what I am in this life to live, and that is the most important piece of any puzzle to know as you place the pieces together. Stop saying I have to have a life, because what kind of life is it you are living that needs to take you away to begin with? Every aspect of this living life can all be blended together, it is going to be what you believe is most important. To serve other first, or to serve yourself first so you may then serve others?

Look, we all have those friends whom it seems has it great in life, they smile all the time and put on their happy face to show you they are doing wonderful. But as we all know those can be the ones who are hiding the most of what they do not want you to know about them. And it is okay, as that is their journey. So you beat yourself up saying why do I do all of this when they seem to be living large in their lie and here I am struggling. For this I say to you…what is it that they truly have that you need so much that you over look your own worth?

How hard is it to be nice and kind? How hard is it to be honest? You were not born to be dishonest or mean, you were born of a pure radiance of love, which is the love that we bring forth when we open the door to the world of spirit. And to those who open that door and then close it real fast apparently did not like seeing the truth of what they place out into the world. For they did not want to do the work of eliminating the fear and replacing it with their radiant beauty of light body, instead choosing to keep a blind eye to the speciousness of their own creation. That to me is hard work, to constantly have to remember what you put out into the world around you…to not trip over your own controlling web of self pretense.

The hard work would be to try to hide that from Spirit…lol… not happening, so yes, close the door and close the door to an awesomeness of guidance, love and compassion that can be right there just for you. Go ahead and ignore the ringing, the dimes along your way, feathers at your feet, the individuals you run into that make your mind think as you no longer hear their words as they speak to you. Be blind with your partnership with Spirit and be blinded by the hard life of illusion around you. As for me…. I’ll take my Spirit Guides, my Loved Ones in Heaven (spirit) my Angelic Wise Ones®, Angels and Ascended Masters… I’ll take the ringing that alerts me when I need it the most. The clarity of heart, mind and body, the true path to enlightenment, the peace within each breath I breathe, to the feelings, emotions, answers, whispers, sights and sounds laid in my path before me as all of my Spirit Guides, Loved Ones in Heaven (spirit) my Angelic Wise Ones®, Angels and Ascended Masters journey with me. A true guidance of love and protection that is never false or corrupt. Never jealous or competitive never in ego of darkness. Just a pure honest to goodness guidance of those before and around me that have traveled this way before and know what it is like to live in this physical world. What for me is needed and sharing with me the secrets to get though it all… Keep ringing my friends for I am listening…and I thank you and Love You too!


Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie

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