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Life as a Channel

Life as a Channel

I am excited and another emotion as I sit here just waiting, he walks back and forth night after night as I sit and wait. Asking me questions after question as I seek the answers that I search for. Who and what am I waiting for? Well Ascended Master Lord Amin –Ru of course. He is actually waiting for me to tell him I am ready.

This is what it is like to be a channel; I am just one small person in this vortex of energies that has been given a chance to share with the world the voice of those before us, those behind us, those around us. I am awakened in the middle of the night, I am stopped during the day and asked “are you ready?” gently as I sit up or stop to take notice, there are millions of words and conversations going thru my minds eye. Listening to those conversations that are given to me and the love that is right there as I ask a simple question “should I be?” and ohhhhhh my goodness what comes next is a barrage of answers, questions conversations that seem to never end and then all of a sudden a huge laugh that rumbles deep within and I am once again in the presence of Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru and I am feeling his energy so strong that I have to laugh myself. He is everything and all, he is more than I can say and there are no words to describe him completely. He is such a wonderful patient and loving individual and then again he can be very blunt and straight forward that it makes my head spin.

Individuals have a perception that Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and those in the ethereal realms are to be loving, gentle, understanding…lol.. they are and then again they are such a strong straightforward personality that it can make you sit up or never want to move. Just like when Mother comes in, she is so much love that you just cry in her presence and as you soak up all this loving energy you feel her strength and you immediately understand that she is more ..she is the divine, the beloved and she means business when she has something to say.

Over the years I have given my time and energy to be the channel for his work to give to all of us here living right now in our world. Well, in our world of the physical and spiritual. And time and time again I watched as the words poured out and I, trying to keep up, sometimes I can and sometimes… I just walk away and regroup as his energy comes in stronger and stronger. It can be so over powering and then I know how much his energy is worth, how much he and all those around us cares about us living physically here and now.

Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru comes when he knows we need him, when we need to understand what is going on around us,  he comes when he just wants to say hello and he is always here within earshot when I need answers, when I need him to be here. I never know when he wants me to share unless he gets right down in my face and says “Are You Ready?” Is anyone ever ready for such a strong presence in their life? He is never the reason I may not be ready, the physical world is why I sometimes walk away or tell him, I am ready but right now I have a client or I am traveling with my kids and clogged traffic is not the exactly best time to write everything down. And once again he will laugh as he knows what I am doing, he is just reminding me I am here as a Messenger.

Over the years, I gave you his words regularly once a month at best. And then as I was gong thru a personal stage in my life and I held back as I know that when we are going thru something so violently traumatizing we cannot be a clear and clean channel. I need to know that the work that I do is done in love and understanding, compassion and worth of a clear heart and soul in order to share with others, to be that channel. And in my profession I have watched as people are slandered, attacked and destroyed without given the benefit of compassion for what others want to portray them as and as a spiritual community my heart hurt when those who professed to be spiritual attack another. How is this spiritual? Where has the alchemy of metaphysics steered them wrong or they steered their own course in the opposite directions? No harm to none …right? Just because someone does not have hundreds, thousands or millions of dollars backing them does not mean they are not or cannot be a channel. I have met some pretty amazing and beautiful channels in my life and I have met some there were not. It is as we say, be loving and kind no matter what life throws at you, for you see we have lessons learned whether we like to know that or not, whether we like to go thru that or not, and we are here just as the individuals next to us, to live, to learn and to love.

Anyway, to be a channel we must be free an clear of our own perceptions and ego. We must clear from us our own emotional baggage and judgments. I was once a guest for a high end channel at their weekend event and I was amazed at how they could go to the bar and have a few too many drinks and then do a channeling session with two hundred people in attendance. I learned a lot that weekend, which I will never forget because that just showed me more of who I was. I am not saying it is bad to drink, that is your personal preference, my personal preference is to not drink. But as I sat there, I could see this individual staring at me as if waiting for me to call them out. Not my place, not my space, but I did feel cheated. To see and experience someone who is not a clear channel as I believed them to be, I guess, as I wanted them to be, was devastating. I felt cheated as all the years I have given my time and energy to do channelings that I work very hard to be clear and clean and then I have had to hear from one individual or another about my being in ego. I laughed each time, thinking ego, you follow someone that is an alcoholic doing channelings that you put upon a pedestal. If I was so much in ego I would call them out and burst your huge ego bubble you live in. But I have this rule which is NO HARM TO NONE. I know that can be hard in today’s society, especially in the spiritual zone, its all about love. Well, not much love I see going around that is true and authentic. But given today’s society I guess that is about as good as it gets. And then too, are we allowed to express ourselves freely or keep ourselves above everyone like we live upon a pedestal because we are spiritual? It all comes down to the message you are receiving and then the message you give.

So after much destruction of our life and home, I took the time to re-light, not that I did not still channel. Quite the opposite, I sat and listened to the Counsel of Light and listened well into many a nights, writing so much that my head spinned in every direction. I am placing all of it into  a new manuscript I am currently working on.  I journeyed and healed as that is what Mother Earth is here for us to do. She is the largest healing energy that you shall ever witness or more importantly… be honored to be with. And she needs us to be more for her right now as the powers that be are tearing us apart. She is a healing vortex of energy that gives and gives, but I can also feel her withdraw right now. Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru will have more on that in a bit.

Being a channel is being an open vortex of clear and clean energy that belongs to the universe that belongs to all living things. A communication link that is here for not just one, but for all of us to be apart of and learn from.

So today I sit here and finally said ” I AM Ready”. I am here and I am clear to listen to that which needs to be said and listen now more so than ever before.

I am a Channel for the Sun that shines so bright, for a God head energy that has always been here and always shall, Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru, if you have to ask who he is then you have lost something deep inside you along the way.

We are all channels at any given moment of time with and thru those around us. We can be even more right now as the energies are rising to a frequency that places you on the line of knowing. No harm to none which of course means to your own self too. Be true to you and allow the energies to assist you along the way.

I am and I honor you for being you!

Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie

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