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Life as an Earth Angel Workshop

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It’s a Great Day in the Life of an Earth Angel


When: September 19, 2015

Where: Elkridge, MD.

Time: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Fee: 60.00


It’s a great day in the life of an Earth Angel. Don’t you agree ?

Do you ever wonder why other people have all the luck in the world and talk about how the Angels helped them ?

Do you know how to ask the Angels for help with everyday decisions ?

Allow Adele to show you how to bring the Angels into your life and home the Angelic Wise Ones® way…


Has anyone ever told you that you are such an Angel, but you never see it within yourself ?

Can you feel the energies and wonder what is that feeling ?


Adele will give to you 100 ways to communicate the Angelic energy of the Angels in your home and become that Angel you have always wanted to be or just make the energies stronger than ever before.


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