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Welcome to Jane’s Corner

Jane is a loving psychic and visual intuitive healer for over thirty years. Her connection with the Golden Ones is universal knowledge and understanding that she shares with all. You can read about Jane’s visionary journeys in Jane’s Corner



It all started with a phone call. A friend of mine left a message on my answering machine for me to call her. She had received a message from spirit, that I had information for her. When I arrived home and listened to my messages, I returned the call, but she was busy. I sat down and quieted my mind.

I asked spirit if they wanted me to wait for her call, or if they wanted to give the information to me then. I was prompted by The Brother, (one of the white Brotherhood), to follow him. I, of course, did as he asked. The following is what I saw.

I was taken upward, and out into space. I didn’t see anything at first, except the clouds and our earth. Then I began to see planets, not our known planets, but ones that we, as human beings cannot see. There were twelve of them. They are connected to our planet by an invisible cord. It looked like an umbilical cord, and it went through one side of each planet, and came out the other side, and traveled on to the next one.

I was not given any information about the planets at that time. That came at a later date. As I followed the Brother, I began to see, off in the distance, a light. It looked like it was coming from a corner of the universe. It was a mixture of gold and white. It was so beautiful; I don’t have the words to describe it.

I had stopped one time and asked the Brother if what I was seeing was what I was supposed to see. Well, I stopped and asked the same question again, and his answer was the same. “Yes, he said, you’re seeing what you’re seeing.”  As I got closer to the light, it got brighter, and more beautiful.

As I came closer, and closer my emotions almost overwhelmed me. There were streams of gold and white light shooting out from what looked like a huge, huge ball of light, like the sun, but it wasn’t the sun.

I cannot describe what I was feeling. There are no words for it. I kept going closer until I was able to touch it. I reached out my hand, and for one tiny millisecond, I touched the pulse beat of this universe!!!

The tears had been streaming down my face since my emotions had become over whelming. The love that I felt was awesome. It felt like I was in the arms of God, if you can imagine what that would be like. I knew at the instant that I touched this light, who I am. I AM THE I AM!!! For that tiny millisecond, I was part of the whole, one with God again.

I thought, this is what it will be like when we reach that stage of our evolvement. When we become whole, again.

I was there for a second, hours, an eternity, I cannot tell you how long I was there. After awhile, I turned and asked the Brother, why did you show this to me? His answer was, because we wanted you to know who you really are to help you to overcome the self doubts that you have, and we feel like you deserve to know. We came back to the planet slowly. I was given the information for my friend. It took me some time to compose myself.

The experience was so much more then I can describe. Sometime later I was prompted to do a sketch of twelve planets, and the position they are in. I was given the feeling that they are planets that have already ascended to the fifth or sixth dimension had to adjust to the darkness. What I saw this time was so different. The campfire was there, but the elders were not. The beings were the Brotherhood, and they were Power Animal Journey.


The Shaman began the journey by invoking the four directions. North, East, South, and West. As she did each one, I could see the Indian that represented that direction, the way they were dressed, and the way the hair was, whether they had feathers or not. When she first began, I saw a large eagle flying overhead. The eagle remained overhead until we were finished. She directed us to find our own way to go under ground.

A few days before this, I had dreamed that I was driving along a highway that was very smooth and straight, when all of a sudden a mountain was in the road. It looked like one of the mountains that are in Peru. There was a road going to the left that I thought would take me around the mountain. When I tried to drive around it, it only went about half way and stopped. In my dream I could not go any farther. I turned around and followed the side road, which was lower then the main road, for about a mile and found myself back on the main one.

While I was meditating on how to go under ground, (I’m Claustrophobic), a door opened in the middle of the mountain. I walked thru the door into a hallway that was like a tunnel. It was like daylight. The light was coming from quartz crystals along the top and sides of the tunnel. There were Indian artifacts along each side. Totem poles, feathered headdresses, arrowheads, etc. I walked for what seemed like about half a mile, and came to double doors. The doors looked like glass, but they were made of smoky quartz, and the handle on each one looked like they were made of gold or brass.

I opened the doors and stepped thru into total darkness. I stood for a while till my eyes adjusted to the darkness. When I could see, I knew that I was in the center of the earth. I could see what looked like a campfire, but was not. It was hot, burning lava shaped like a campfire. There were people sitting around it in a circle.

These people looked like Indian Elders. They were dressed in buckskin, with headdresses on. They did not move or look around when I walked past them. There was a mountain stream on the other side of the circle of Elders. On the other side of the stream was a bear, an Eagle, and a Wolf. I asked, “Which one is my power animal?” The Eagle said, “I am always here.” The Bear said,” I am always around.” Immediately the Wolf was in front of me with his two front paws on my shoulders, looking straight into my eyes. We stood like that for a little while, and then he was at my right side with his head against my leg. I could feel the fur on his body. He was a beautiful silver gray wolf.

I was prompted to walk up stream, and as I turned to do so, there was a very large Turtle coming toward me from the water. We walked along the stream for a ways, and as I was wondering where I was being led, it seemed like I stepped thru a bubble of light into a courtyard. I stopped and looked around. I saw buildings all around this courtyard. They looked like they were made of glass. The color was like a gold and white mixture. I walked across the courtyard to another set of double doors. They were the same as the doors at the end of the tunnel with the same brass or gold handles. I didn’t try to open them because I was told that it wasn’t time yet. I would be able to open them at a later date.

It was two years before I could open those doors. I had several spiritual growth experiences that brought me to that point.

As I walked my spiritual path, I was shown many things. I learned to communicate with The White Brotherhood. I was given the ability to do body scans. Sometimes when I am doing a reading, a loved one of the person will appear to me. Sometimes they will have a message for them, and sometimes it will be just to say hello, and to tell them that they love them.

During this period of time I was taken to several places to meditate. The last place was a big domed building. It looked like it was made of metal on the outside. The ceiling was metal, also. It was huge. The first time I was there, I found myself sitting in the middle of this place. Just one chair with me in it. At the end of the building was what looked like a stage with a table that was long and curved. There were chairs on the backside of the table. One high back in the center, with six on either side.

As I was looking at this, I watched as seven of the Brotherhood came in. One sat in the high back chair, and the others sat three to each side of him. I was told that this would be where I would come to meditate for an indefinite period of time.

After several weeks of using the dome, I was moved from the center up to the table across from the high back chair. After several months of this I was there one day and asked if I could open the doors in the city of light. I was directed to go back to the entrance to the tunnel and go the path again.

I went back to the entrance and went in. I found that things had changed. Where before there had been Indian artifacts, now there were what looked like Egyptian artifacts. Statues of mummy’s, of animals, of sarcophagus, and some Egyptian symbols. The lighting was the same. As I went thru the first doors, it was the same as before, my eyes walking around the fire in a much wider circle. The animals were not there, either. The stream of water was still there.

I stood and watched for a while. The Brothers had on white/silvery robes with hoods on them. They were tied at the waist with what looked like ropes of the same color. It looked like they were doing some kind of ceremonial thing. After awhile, I walked up the stream, and came to the bubble of light and stepped thru. The city and the courtyard looked the same. I walked across the yard to the doors. I stood for a minute before I opened them. I wasn’t quite sure what I expected to see

I opened the doors and stepped into THE DOME!! I was stunned. After a bit I walked across to my chair and sat down. The Brothers were waiting for me. My first words were, “What is this all about?” I was told that as they started teaching me, they were using what I was familiar with at that time, which was Indian spirituality. As I progressed these things changed. They were taking me along this path to become aware of whom they were, so they could communicate with me.

It was a great adventure. There were many experiences along the way, but that’s another story. I will write about them at another time. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did walking the path

May you always be in LOVE and LIGHT.



There comes a time in each of our lives that we feel the need for “Centered-Ness;” that feeling of balance and peace within that all beings need to have. We feel the need for something more in our life then just the physical/material things that we accumulate.

These things don’t fill that empty spot within our heart that only the Divine can do. We go through most of our life trying to, “find a filling.”  We begin our search in many ways, by asking questions, reading, listening to others, doing and trying all kinds of things. Then somewhere along the way we learn to, “go within,” to meditate, and to listen to our own “inner voice.”

Most of us are taken totally by surprise to find that this is where God is and has been all this time. When we learn to get quiet and listen, we are amazed at what we hear. Sometimes its just a knowingness, sometimes it’s a voice, and sometimes its just a thought that we know isn’t ours.

We learn how to “hear God speak.” T here’s a saying, “when we pray we are talking to God; when we meditate we are listening for God to speak to us.”  This is so true. When our intentions are from the heart, when we are really committed to our spiritual growth, it isn’t long till we see, hear or feel something that we know is coming from the divine.

There is only one source of power in this universe. That is God/the creator/all that is. That source has been called by many names. Each culture has a different one. Each one means the same thing. No matter the name we choose, we are all walking our path, heading in the same direction; looking for our creator, our life force. That force keeps our physical body alive and moving.

This God force/creator/all that is; is everywhere, in, around, and all through each of us. This is the part of God that we carry within that makes us “one with God.”  This is the part of us that is never lost. This is the part of us that goes on living, and learning, after we make the transition called death.

We don’t “die,” we only shed this physical vehicle. It returns back to the earth that it is part of. Our bodies hold the same elements that the earth holds. The earth is one of our schools, because there are lessons we need for the progression of the soul.

We are on earth because we choose to be. We are here to work on karmic patterns in our life. We are spiritual beings learning to live in a physical body. We are learning to bring the two together in harmony, to integrate and use the spiritual in our daily life. We are learning to live in the “now”, spiritually and physically.

We as humans, along with our mother earth, are holding more and more light. Each step we take in our spiritual growth, our soul’s progress, makes out light shine brighter and brighter. It makes our vibration lighter and lighter.

Our Ascended Master Jesus, one of the worlds greatest teachers, brought us the message of love, peace and compassion toward all living things. We are all one, equally precious to our creator and to each other.

We are all unique; we all have our own special talents. We have accumulated these, along with knowledge throughout our many incarnations on the earth. We must remember that what we do to another, we do to ourselves. We are all one. We carry God within.


With love and light to any and all that read this.