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Looking deep within the abyss

a abyss

Walking this morning to clear my mind of all the voices echoing their deep soul pain, I found myself sitting upon a ledge looking over into the abyss of society. A society that cries out in pain, seeking answers, but still turns their heart when pain envelops them, journeying to make right what is wrong. They raise their voices in heated agony to one another as the powers that be turn their heads to seek solace of selfishness. For they know you shall succumb to the depression of silence within and you shall beat upon your fellow human until you get your way. You shall be the puppets in which your leaders seek to say they had no hand in what was at play and still you beat your fellow human. You beat the individuals who are you… you beat and scream and kill, rape, attack and bully your way until you have beaten those down right beside you that are all seeking the same… peace, truth and justice. And when it is all over, and you look around, all you will have left are your leaders…smiling their smile as they can say “I did not do this, by your own hand you have beaten, raped and maimed. You have destroyed those around you whom had the power to rise above to take me down and you did not win as you believe, but have put more power into my hands to control once again”.

And still I look deeper within the abyss.

Questions stirring within me, energies rising all around, precious life drained. I deal with death everyday; we all do in one form or another. But I work with death of the human physical self, a freed soul that has been enlightened with whom shake their heads on why they keep coming back here into this life upon Mother Earth. As I sit and look into the abyss, I too wonder why and the answer is always the same.

We as human beings call out in pain and misery…mourning, anger, and fear hopeful that somewhere in the Universe our voices will be heard. Somewhere someone is listening and shall be the savior in or lives to let us all know the times that we are living is just but a dream that we shall wake upon and be filled with a loving peace deep in our being. This life is no joke that we are living; it is not the time of our mothers, fathers, grandparents or elders. This is our life here and now and it is within us to be the ones to create or destroy.

As we call out into the Universe, the Universe gives back to us the answer we seek. It comes in waves of human souls born upon this word to begin anew. To answer our calls with their love and with each one born we find ways to suppress them to not be heard but be a science study along the way.

And still I look deeper within the abyss.

Seeking and searching for greater understanding. We can live out our lives with no mind to what is going on around us and we can live out our lives seeking personal pleasure. But what we cannot live out our lives in…is allowing the destruction of humanity in the shape and form to which we turn a blind eye to the ending of our souls.

The tides of energy is rapidly moving, ever changing from one breath to the next and here we sit saying our hands are full and tied. To what extent do we linger? To what extent do we allow our souls to die?

And still I look deeper within the abyss.

You may not want to see or know what I see and know as I look deep within the abyss. And maybe you really do not need to know. As the years have gone by we have given you much to think about and much to prepare for and still you call fear. What is fear I ask?

For fear is nothing, was created from nothing, to keep you from gaining access to your loving knowledge of all things all beings all love. Fear is a man made product that you live each day. We are all born unto this world as loving souls which have then been programmed through our physical lives to only negate all that we inherently know within which love is. I have heard said it is hard to hate as we are all love. But it is hard to love when we have been taught so much hate. A wonderful example is taking a moment to look in the mirror, see yourself and tell yourself…I Love You…and actually mean it. Man…would you please take a breath, now let it go and look at yourself and say I Love You…and mean it! I have been teaching this exercise in my development classes all these years and it is still the hardest of all my exercises for everyone to do. We may look at ourselves in the mirror, we may brush our teeth or comb our hair, but we are not really getting in touch enough with ourselves to see ourselves, more importantly to love ourselves unconditionally.

And still I look deeper within the abyss.

I go back and seek out Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru and just sit beside him as I can feel his energy growing stronger and stronger and I take relish in being right there beside him as I need that assurance, as we all do. He takes me on the journey to remember all of everything he has shared with us all these years and the pieces, the answers the words are all right there and where were we? Just like me I am only one, but when we unite and connect we create an ever lasting energy that cannot be undone. That energy then connects and creates a vortex of energies so bonded it cannot be divided. This we do as we create families and friendships, we create energy stronger than which we have seen here on Mother Earth and still we weaken it by allowing our passiveness to continue in which allows us to be divided instead of united.

Looking deeper within the abyss I see, feel and know the destination before us.

Do I dare share or allow you to seek the abyss within to look…

At this time we are doing everything in which to rise up and praise, honor and love those who have given their physical lives for us to finally wake up to see what is before us. How many more shall ascend? How many more will it take to do the right thing?

Looking within the abyss I see the face of humanity…I see no more…

When we look within we seek the place where no one else may enter. Our Holy Grail of Light. We establish with care the genuineness our soul has to share with us, an offering that is an essence purely of eternal. A reminder of home, a reminder of self, a re-connection to our living soul. We have the power and loveliness to accomplish copious amounts of energy, power, glorification, humility, truth, grace and honor in our world in which we live. We also have the strength and due diligence to over come what ever is thrown our way…why then do we not have the fortitude to do what is right in this life to be gentle and kind to one another?

The face of the abyss is darker than you realized and lighter than you know.
Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele

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