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Angelic Meditation Workshop

Looking for the right way to learn and understand the art of Meditation?

Lets Welcome the Angels in with us for this delightful workshop that shall have you knowing how much of a gift to yourself Meditation truly is, with loving Angelic Guidance all the wayA power 3.

Adele Marie & Guest Mediums will introduce you to the art of Meditation.

From breathing and relaxation exercises to understand why we meditate.

So many times, we are asked to meditate, but do you understand what meditation is? What do you do during meditation and how is meditation good for you? Stop being afraid of what you do not know and come learn what you are missing. Learn from the Master Teachers of Meditation in this delightful workshop. Learning and explore how meditation will open your life in a completely new ways.


Date: Saturday – September 22, 2018

Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Empowerment: 100.00

NR Deposit 20.00

Location: Millersville, MD.


Alliance of Angels Light with ArchAngel Michael


Please wear very comfy clothes, bring a pillow cushion if you need one, water and please no caffeine a minimum of 60 minutes before attending the Workshop. Thank you!


Meditation & Messages created, written, recorded & channeled by Adele Marie of Angelic Wise Ones®

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Copy Right© 2000-2018 Adele Marie/Angelic Wise Ones®