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Mediumship & Spiritual Development and then some…

Classes have started and I am having a blast with my new students. Many of these brave souls have just experienced their first Nights of Channeling with me and I am energized to hear what they have to say about their experience.

We have to combine these to together as many never really understand or realize that in order to be the best Medium there is you have to understand spirituality. And then too, it is just not about being a Medium, for that which you learn in my classes will open you up to new levels within yourself to be utilized in your everyday world. Its learning who you are and why you are here. It is learning to use your gifts as which you were born with to make the best of your life here and to know the journey that is not just ahead of you… but that is around you.

I love when I have new students, they are fresh, eager and totally clueless as to what they have just committed themselves to walking thru my doors. and as always …Let the journey begin. As when they walk out my door, so many things are happening as their minds, heart, body and soul are rejoicing in many emotions, validations, understandings, communications, strengths they never realized they had, truths of who they are, seeing the world thru their original eyes, joyfulness, love and so much more. And I Am proud of each one.

It takes a lot of be Spiritual or a Medium in this life, in this world, with so many energies pulling at you. For what seems like forever I have been teaching everyone who seeks me out what Mediumship and Spirituality is all about. and I have enjoyed every moment of assisting someone to open their eyes to it all. And you have TV shows after TV shows with the word Medium everywhere like it is a New thing…lol… well sorry to tell you this, but we have been here forever and a day. stic around and we will share even more with you!

So many individuals seeking you out to know more and more. So many individuals shunning you as they just do not know what to think or what they will experience. But one thing they come to understand is that love is not just for one individual or two…Love is for each and everyone of us to experience and share. And if you have not had your share then maybe you need to sit down and talk to yourself to ask…. ” why am I not loving myself more?”.

Get ready… because we have a new highlight for you each day of the week with my Muffins and Messages™© if you think you know what or all about Mediumship… Your in for a few surprises in which you never thought about. Join me and just watch and see!


Love, Laughter & Light™©, Adele

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