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Mercury Retrograde 2015

As we begin this year we are hit really fast with good ole Mercury Retrograde. And as many of us understand this time, there are those who are just getting on  board to understand what as been happening all these years when these two words come together. To you who are wakening to this welcome as we will hold your hand as best we can during this time. And to those who are ready and waiting for Mercury Retrograde, hello….its back.

Now as we know it, it’s the time of energies moving backwards, and a very powerful energy it is for this beautiful planet. Mercury in no way wants us to be miserable, but Mercury is just assisting us to go back , relive, review and redo all that we have been placing more energy into or not. As all things that we have been placing on hold or pushed to the side, really the back of our minds need to be brought forward and in your face to deal with. So yes, you might be sitting here and thinking yuck, but I am thinking thank goodness. Because if your are anything like me, yes there are numerous thoughts, ideas, piles of “I’ll get to it” that has been just lying in wait like a huge cocoon waiting till the time is right to open up and be born.

So yes, go thru the junk that you have been stashing away until the holidays are over, until the time is right, until you have the time to go thru it all. Well Beautiful Mercury going into Retrograde from January 21 all the way thru till February 11, 2015 knows that you need that time and is giving it to you now. And please do not tell me that you are all caught up with nothing to do, we all have things to do, all the time. That is why you will feel pushed to do something, but not being able to understand what it is…bringing you to feel or being bored or just plowing thru other things with out even thinking about it and then still feel as if something is missing.

So go ahead and go thru the clutter literally around you and symbolically within you. And watch as Mercury will be right beside you assisting you all the way to get even more done than before.

Mercury Retrograde Continued……….

Now watch to for those last minute ideas that will find you at a lost when you think it is all such a great idea…what happened?. Well at no time during Mercury Retrograde should you start something new.   Okay no, de-cluttering for the first time does not count…lol… what I mean is do not be fully into Mercury Retrograde and decide that you are going to be an actress, author, mechanic or pianist if you have never put thoughtful time and consideration into that awesome idea as it shall never work out in the long run. Do not sign any contracts, make a decision to start a new job, or by anything electronically as none of it shall pan out for you.

Yes, you just found the sucky side of yuck with Mercury Retrograde.

You see if you have been working towards that new car and have been doing your homework and research then, remember Mercury Retrograde will assist you in finding and purchasing that new car that is just right for you. But if it is a new thought and action then wait until Mercury Retrograde is over to press on in that journey.

Mercury Retrograde is a time when you will most likely see individuals at their worst, driving crazy, tempers flair, depression/anxiety, agitation and even restlessness, etc… Even though I really do not like to say all of that, it is true, but also you will see individuals at their finest to as they realize that Mercury Retrograde can work for them just as easily as against them. There will be much success when you plan ahead to utilize Mercury Retrograde for you. Clean your act up, finish things that you have put off, go out and have fun if you have been holding yourself back for one reason or another. Take the classes you have really wanted to take, but keep giving yourself excuse not too. Join that group of friends who keep sending you invitations, but you have been putting them off, and take your idea to the next level as everything you have left behind is still there waiting for you to pick it up once again and have fun with. Well, we can have fun de-cluttering our surroundings, yes we can, as long as you know it to be that way!

As you notice we have three Mercury Retrogrades this year and they are all three evenly spaced, which to me I am going to make sure all of my work is evenly spaced too. As this is saying just when we think we are up and running the energies are really the ones that are here to assists us in how to be spaced out…lol…literally and evenly.

January 21  to  February 11

May 19  to  June 11

September 17  to October 9

Make sure all your plans for the time period during each Mercury Retrograde is already planned out so there is nothing new going on that may not end up working. In saying this you now have roughly fifteen days to get planning on how to utilize your time between January 21  to  February 11..plan it right and have fun with Mercury Retrograde.

Peace & Love to everyone right now!


Love, Laughter & Light™ Adele Marie

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