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Mercury Retrograde of Love

Flexing my fingers as I get ready for my time with Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru and his Channeled Message, IA power 2 have to reflect back over the years of all things as we are in the time of Mercury Retrograde. A good chunk of Mercury Retrograde is going back.. going back to finish what you have not completed while Mercury Retrograde has been away. Mercury Retrograde is like an old friend who moved away and then stops by out of the blue to visit once again and to allow us to look back, give back, and remember the times throughout the years or life that we have pushed so far away that we forget or even do not want to look at. But the times to be had when an old friend stops by, which later allows us to rethink or thinking our life our friendship. I have a good friend like that she lives in Arizona and when she and her husband come to visit it is lie old times. So much to share and talk about, laugh and shake out heads as to what we have been through in our lives together and apart. the love I have for them is overwhelming as we sit over a cup of coffee rehashing. Reminding ourselves to do so again real soon as they hop on that place back to their lives. Well Mercury Retrograde is an old friend like that and that is how I will always look at Mercury Retrograde.

Over the past few years I do believe Mercury Retrograde has decided to visit us during what we deem as the happiest month of the year.. holiday tidings we wish to spread and share with those we love and know. And I sit here thinking about why would an energy such as Mercury Retrograde want to keep doing this to us, well actually the Universe and then I am reminded of our loved ones we have all lost during the holiday seasons so that we never forget them. Think about it, most times when our loved ones passes away, after the years of mourning we can, and sometimes do forget their birthday or the date in which the transitioned home. To some it may be remembered a few days passed or even a few days before, but somehow the time slips away and then we are like ohhh… crap… And all of that is okay, it is about the journey in which we live our lives, that those loved ones are trying to get our attention with. Maybe to say “slow down- enjoy life”. Maybe to remind us to accept ourselves and to love those around us, or even see those around us with an open eye in a different way. Time passes for many slowly and then too fast. It is all about the journey in which we live, work and breathe.

And to our loves ones how have passed away during a holiday…we feel the loss and it is deep, some never celebrate the holidays again. Instead focusing on their pain and sorrow for their loss, not realizing they themselves are still alive and have a life to live. Having their loved one is Spirit right beside them urging them, pushing them to live, to enjoy the journey as they are still with them. But times have made them go within to re look, re examine their lives and their loss and their mistakes and their regrets and their loss and their loneliness. No greater are those of the loved ones who have been together for forty, fifty, sixty or more years. Their whole identity is now foreign to them as they are no longer a whole but a half of who they believe they are. 

I lost both my grandmother and my Mom during the Holidays and like many, it opened my eyes even more so as the focus of my life. I no longer had to worry about others in the way I had always done so. I did not have to answer to others like I had always did in the past. I had to learn to breathe all over again for me, and not anyone else. Here I am a Visionary Messenger and I communicate with those who have passed and I see the beauty of our loved ones still in form guiding us and loving us even more than when they were physically here, but I needed to know on a soul level I was released from the bonds that held me back from my true authentic self. I was born that day as they were born into Heaven. Do I miss them, did I mourn their transition? Of course… but I celebrated too. It was their gift to me. A gift of life as they are living right now walking and talking beside me.

  All of this brings me back to hearing my own grandmother many years ago say ” I guess when I die no one will remember me”.. she passed way on December 26, 2001 and not a holiday that goes by, do I forget her…lol… she made sure of it and my Mom of course jumped on that band wagon. 

Why do I write all of this? Quite simple…All of this coincides with Mercury Retrograde… remembrance to who we are, and to what we are doing, and why as we live here upon Mother Earth. Mercury Retrograde does not always have to have the bad rap as the ughhhh… time in our lives when it arrives at our door to visit us for weeks on end. Look at its arrival as a time that we sit aside to remember, re-look, re-organize, re-do, re-count not just our loved ones whom have passed away, but our loved ones here and now and how we can take the time to enjoy their presence in our lives. A reminder to take out the garbage and allow newness to live. So get up and get out of your own way to live by remembering Mercury Retrograde is to remind us to Love!



Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie

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