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Mercury Retrograde- The Re-Newable You

Mercury Retrograde The Re-Newable You…a-MR

Wow, it’s that time again…A time to re-new, re-charge, re-light your way.

This Mercury Retrograde (MR) is gong to be strong all the way around and when we think of strong of course we think about our own strength. We are strong individuals who take so much to heart and our heart has learned how to keep on going and so too can you. As I said, it’s that time again…A time to re-new, re-charge, re-light your way.

I’ve written so many times about MR and right now I just want to remind you that yes, here we go again and how can we take what is before us to apply it on every level of our life. For this MR applies to you as here we go again for a chance to re-new, re-charge and re-light our inner core, our strength in life and our relationships with our self and those around us.

Okay, so you have cleaned up you files, you have thrown out the trash and you have organized everything in your home. You know to not start something brand new, you know to be aware, you know to not buy anything electronical , so what’s next? You look around at everything and ask yourself “ok, what is it that I have not done or finished yet“, as we have Mercury Retrograde three powerful times this year, as soon as we get our legs up and going, here it comes again to feel like we are knocked around.

A reminder that life is ever changing and so too are you!

What is it about yourself that could use some refreshing energies? What is it about everything around you that could use a re-do? What in the world have you been hiding from and refusing to see or think about? Where is that space being filled within you of “it will all just go away” instead of “I am graciously beautiful and I am here to stay”.

Strength, this MR is about strength and yes, there shall be others all around you everyday during this time working hard to get your attention. Just remember what they are really trying to do is get your attention to mirror back to you wherein lies your strength, your fabulousness and abundance. But are you really aware of this, most individuals are not. They look at it as a set back, a challenge, a smack in the wrong direction, that to stop for a moment of time to clearly see the real within is scary because why cannot everyone else see how beautiful my soul is within me. It’s a time of re-newing your vows to yourself. To be clear about your intention to yourself, to truly do so with no limitations of others perceptions. To finally say:

‘I am strong, I am beautiful and I am a value to myself and others”.

Go ahead and return those phone calls to family and friends, do a project that makes you smile that you tucked away in the corner. Share some flowers or plants with our neighbor and tell your kids how great they are, for you see you have created them along the way to be your reflection in life. They are your greatest accomplishments. Think too about when you were their age and what did you like, what did you not like, how you wished to be talked to or just given your own space and time. What you liked to eat and what you really did not like to eat. Take the time to travel to a place that is special to you; watch that movie you forgot to take them to and make sure this resonates within you to remember to enjoy the experience.

Mercury Retrograde is about re-newing, re-feshing, re-membering life!

See everything around you is a message, re-charging those batteries, bringing them back to life after a long day is re-newable energy that can be utilized for you to get clear answers in what you keep asking the universe to assist you with. And MR is the perfect time to get hose clear answers. Re-newable energy did I say that? Hahaha…we are our own source of re-newable energy that is just lying in wait for you to re-light with everything you do, say and experience.

Remember MR is about taking care of what you have been putting on hold or not attending to clearly finish, sorry forget to finish…lol… It’s a time to re-new your commitment to yourself in your development, in your love for self, in your physical maintenance routine, all those things that you have said you were going to do and then the day just got away from you…make that the months, okay maybe even years.

Well re-charge those batteries and re-charge your commitment to yourself as you re-light your life…Renewing your commitment to yourself to be all that you are, all that you know to be.

I do believe the greatest “I wish I could of, should of, and would of” energies are the biggest falsehoods to our own souls. We can, we are, and we do all the time push these energies away believing the time is not right…well then, when would the time be right, after someone else gets that promotion you were seeking? When your loved one crosses over to heaven, when your dog ate your homework….lol..the time is with you if you seek it enough to give that energy the time of day.

As they say driving, this I believe is the biggest indictor that we have arrived into the energies of MR. It is common knowledge when MR is here those wonderfully loving individuals who are behind the wheel of their vehicles turn into something else…lol… everyone seems to be needing to get somewhere ahead of you, they seem to be not paying attention or driving you just plain crazy as they are in front of you, beside you and behind you. I’d rather lock myself away during MR than drive anywhere, but I have insight into MR and I know what to look for, it is such an attention getter to reflect your life back to you. Moreover no… do not start day dreaming as you are driving and thinking ok that car just cut me off what is that to me? Bless them on their way for not causing an accident and just keep a mental picture to look back upon later when you are Not driving. Keep a cool head, laugh to get those serotonin levels pumping and go about the rest of your journey as you converse with your spirit guides “ok, I get it…help me understand where I cut myself off before I even get started?

This Mercury Retrograde take the time to re-charge, re-new, re-fresh, re-light, re-do everything you have prepared to tell yourself you are not worth the time, you do not have the time, you are not good enough and more… You have the time to go back and re-do all of that energy during this Mercury Retrograde, you have been putting it off, so why not put yourself off that plateau and onto the path of the refreshing loving, caring, energized and strong individual that you are…and then thank Mercury Retrograde for being here now, to assist you along the way.


Happy Mercury Retrograde to Everyone!

Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie

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