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Multiply that by 100 million prayers

Do you believe in Prayers?


Did I hear someone say they needed a day off? Well multiply that by 100 million prayers and you have the energies that we are living right now.  Well think about it. Everything we live is about energy. If you place that energy of what you are inside your mind… then that is the energy that walks before you. That is the energy of who you are. If you wake each day and say it is going to be a miserable day, then that energy precedes you throughout your day. If you say it is a beautiful day… then that energy walks in front of you wherever you go, and your day is beautiful. This we all know as we all have talked and talked about it in our everyday messages to one another. Wherever your thoughts go so too does that energy proceed you. When you have millions upon millions of souls asking, seeking, praying for one thing or another, that is the energy that shall be back to us. It can be very simple and then again, quite complicated as to each living souls’ prayers, asking, seeking words. It can all convoluted thru the energy lay lines that surround us.

So why is now any different?

Think about all the energies of the past let’s say the last five years… ughh… is what I can say on one level and thank goodness on another. But let’s look at the energies surrounding our way of living for the past five years. How many individuals have you disconnected in life as they do not think as you do?  And let me pause here for a minute and say this … THANK GOODNESS we All do Not think alike. That would then be an episode of the Stepford Wives…a 1972 satirical thriller novel by Ira Levin… Automatic robots created by individuals who seek their own fulfillment/entertainment they way they wish their wives to be.

If we all thought the same way, we would then be automatic robots without any thoughts of our own. hmmm… does this feel familiar?

Anyhoooo… How many individuals have you argued with? How many individuals have you walked away from, deleted from your life because they have a mind of their own, they have thoughts of their own, they have feelings of their own? All because you have been programmed on levels of energy to invest in that energy. And I say this with a huge heart for you, and everyone who have found themselves disconnected from longtime friends, loves or family. Sometimes these individuals did not know what happened and some still to this day are heavy hearted. Okay, I get it, you can say, well I am allowed my own thoughts and feelings too. Well of course you are, just make sure it is your own feelings and thoughts and not those of other individuals manipulations or subliminal thought directions. We all know that to play on the playground you must go by the rules of the one that is the strongest, most liked, popular. Otherwise everyone else will not play with you.

There are numerous individuals in this world we live that I do not agree with, but you know, I can honor them for being of their own mind in what they choose each day. I do not believe women should attack other women for not breastfeeding, but they do. I do not believe women should single out another woman and attack her because they like the same guy, but they do. I do not think women should be jealous of other women, but they do. Everything is an equal exchange of energies. If you have liked someone all your lives, and then they say one thing that irritates you and you excluded them from your life, well then I guess they were not your friend or you their friend from the beginning… right?

So why did you have them in your life to begin with? What was it about them that made the other half of you whole? That made you laugh or cry? That made you strong or gentle when needed.

I cannot imagine a world of exact duplicated individuals walking around. No different from one to the next. Everyone having the same likes and dislikes, can you imagine how long it will take to then start another adverse reaction to one another? The cycle then repeats itself until each living soul is not their own, but a human made creation to exists under someone else’s desire for what they believe, is perfection. Do not worry… because then the boredom walks in…and the systems are created all over again in other forms of humanity to then entertain others in numerous additional ways. A cycle of expansion with no end.

As a Visionary Medium, I can see that happening. As a Visionary Medium I see energies. I see all kinds of things around people, places and things. And what I have been seeing all these years is not anything in which you wish to see, believes me, it is not always pretty.  The works of energies through thoughts actions, negativity, humor gone wrong have already been started. It is an ugly way of seeing what is happening to the world and people who live upon Mother Earth. Years ago, I channeled information for the coming times for humanity on Mother Earth. I gave them to everyone in my Newsletters, countless individuals wrote me to say “how could you put such fear in our lives?” “We shall never be a third world country”, we shall not be ruled by outside sources”. I was not writing about fear, I was writing about being prepared, so there is no fear. And for the record there are outside forces at play here in our world. No one seems to understand that the word in which they live is not the world in which they live.

So, let’s look back at that energy going around of “I need a day off” well, as I said above, energies have a way of doing that which you seek. Watch the prayers you put forth as that energy shall flow to the heavens around you and be answered as they always are. We are receiving those answers now. Even if they are not what you wished for, they are what you prayed for. Funny how that works. A million strong prayers is answering all of us in the way that is needed, or is it?

Remember where the mind thought goes the energy opens that door to walk through. If you wish to be contagious thru all of this, you will. But remember… be careful of what you wish for…be careful of what you put in front of you. for that is what you shall be walking in, you shall be living…

I will leave the main message to Ascended Master Amin-Ru in this Newsletter, I just wished to give you something to think about as you stay home, as wish you did not have too…No one like being told what to do, no one likes being left out, no one likes to be told they do not matter. I send peace, love and kindness to each of you. Take this time to enjoy getting to know yourself. It has been a long time in coming, has it not?. If you wish to enjoy some great Guided Meditation CD’s to assist you to know thy self,  check out my CD’s here:  Oh and do not forget to check out Walking with The Blessed Mother… right now we all need that divine feminine love from a true heart of pure love!


Till Next we meet…


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie


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