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NEW Virtual On-Line Mediumship Development Class- Friday Nights

 Classes now EnrollingAdele n Angels

Classes Begin:  January 21, 2022

Friday Night Classes

Times: 6:30 pm. to 8:30pm.

(Link Opens at 6:45pm., No Admittance before 6:45pm.)

Location: Virtual On-Line

Tuition Fee: 30.00  per class

Non-Refundable Deposit Holds Your Seat: 30:00


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This is a limited size class – Your Reservation is Required Adele Marie is opening her doors once again for Mediumship Development classes. This is a series of 7 weekly classes offered Virtually On-Line on Friday Nights.

Mediumship Development –

Friday Nights 6:30 pm. to 8:30pm.

Due to the high demand of individuals seeking to be apart of Adele Marie’s weekly Mediumship & Spiritual Classes, Adele Marie has been guided to open her doors once again just for you. This course is an intensive hands-on development classes working with Adele Marie and her Angelic Wise Ones® Teachers as they walk and guide you through all that you need in your  Mediumship development. This Mediumship Development is a series of 9 weekly classes taught by one of Adele Marie’s teachers that will include every facet of learning as they walk you through your higher learning of the Spiritual realms. Adele Marie will be available in this series of classes.



Mediumship Development- Friday Nights




The excitement she finds in teaching you the teacher will be evident in her loving guidance as she brings you to an elevated understanding of who you are and working with all those in the spiritual realms. Learning the world of Mediumship, Spirituality, Psychic and Psychic Mediumship . This class is for all those who are searching for answers to everything that is happening and going on around them. To re-new and/or begin their spiritual journey from a calling they have from deep inside their hearts. To those who were on this path before and turned away from what was happening to them and around them. You will not find anywhere else classes like these. To get clarity and peace of mind that “No, you are not crazy or weird and you are not alone!”

These classes are fun and informative and will definitely change your life in a loving way, not only with yourself, but also, with all things in and around your life. Learning to work with Spirit in a safe, loving protected environment that you cannot find anywhere else.. Find out the do’s and don’ts, truths and myths of the metaphysical world as you bring your awareness to a whole new level of consciousness. Adele Marie being the original creator of numerous Guided Meditation CD’s in meeting your Spirit Guides, Angels and Teachers will guide in person through a series of meditations to meet your Spiritual Team who work with you each day. To the use of Angel Oracle Cards – as you learn how to give Angel readings, to the use of Psychometry of material objects and paper, to stand up platform messages in the advance classes. Meeting your guides, Angels and teachers in Spirit can be the most life changing event for you as Adele opens these doors as no one else can. Adele walks and guides you through every facet you need as your spiritual growth ascends to an energy level of total alignment with your souls purpose. Adele gives you more in her teachings than what you will not find anywhere else. Everything she teaches you is what she herself lives each day as she personally walks you into receiving the divine that is in each of us. Caring and sharing our work together in a platform that has never been seen before. As a Teacher of Teachers Adele guides you into these coming times to give you peace and comfort in knowing who you are and what is going on in your life is exactly what you have been asking and now you have the way to find the answers to what you are looking for.

Breathing…….. Angelic Realms………. Alchemy Vibrations …… Guides & Teachers………. Responsibility Energy ……….. Ascended Masters ………… Faith Psychic……… Meditation………….. Illumination Mediumship ….. Acknowledgments…….. Esoteric Psychometry ……. Love ………………. Guidance Clairvoyant ….. Clarity ……………. Support Clairaudient …. Intuition………….. Acceptance Clairessient … Truth ……………… Sleepers Claircognative.. Understanding ………. Newbie’s Enlightenment … God ……………….. Dreams Auras ……….. Messages …………… Crystals

These are just to name a few things that we will be working with. So, what are you waiting for? Join one of the best Metaphysical Teachers of our times and become that which you are here to be. This is a life altering experience as you make that investment into yourself that you will never forget. When Adele Marie started teaching her Mediumship Development Classes as she is guided to do, there was no where to go and no teachers to learn from, since then, she has taught hundreds of teachers around the world Mediumship skills that are still used today. As a Teacher of Teachers come learn from the Master Teacher herself to start your journey today! This is a Mediumship Development Class NOT to be confused with Adele Marie’s workshops —

All students are by Reservation Only This is a limited size class – Your Reservation is Required

Note: Due to the limited size of this class to keep it very intimate once class begins there is no refund as you have registered and reserved this space for you.


Adele Marie’s teachings come at a time in history when we are moving at and in a very accelerated force of energy that is designed to enlighten and move the individual forward in the light to their own ascension. Here Adele will teach you the tools and techniques to awaken you as you travel your spiritual journey and the ongoing reality of the spiritual realms of communications in your life. To guide and teach you as the Blessed Mother is stepping forward at this time for each of us, to connect with her energies of Divine Love, which is available to you each and every day in all you do. Bringing you to profound awareness of the divine love, wisdom and peace within you. Accessing the information, that will transform and benefit your whole life. Are you ready to be empowered to make conscious life decisions and live in total alignment with your soul’s purpose every day? These courses are designed to bring you to that fulfillment as you learn from the basic foundation up to your ascension.

Adele’s Marian style of learning is what everyone is talking about in her Development Classes and Workshops. Adele is available for Speaking Engagements and Seminars in your area on topics about Mediumship, Spirituality, Teaching, Lecturing and Book Signings. Adele Marie conducts private workshops, seminars or classes with your group in your local areas Across the Miles.

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