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Angelic News Update…November 2nd- Ed

Hello Angels,

As the winds bring in the cold from everywhere so too do we bring in a huge amount of energy across the board. November is here and it is letting us all know that there will be changes in the stratosphere to get our attention so keep alert right now, as the shifting is all around you. What better way to end the year than to be awake? And if this cold dowse of weather does not awaken you, then we need to look at what will. I love it, well not so much the amount of weather we are in for, but then again here in Maryland that is what it is all about. We are fortunate enough to live thru all seasons, such an energetic remembrance to days of old…so wrap up and get going…

I recently, as you know, took my family to Florida to enjoy time together as a family and I mean the whole family. All in all there was 12 of us and then add our family in Florida, and then even more. So when I look back, we had about twenty two individuals all together. We had a marvelous time at birthday parties, dinner and hanging out and of course Disney World where a kids dream comes true. How Joyful to bring all of this together and I do believe next time it will take more than a year of planning…lol… My Joy Guide, Rainbow Butterfly was loving every moment and was even doing cartwheels thru Magic Kingdom….

And as may of you know we had to take an emergency trip to the ER while we were about to leave to come home. So my trip home was delayed for about a week. We are home now and getting caught up with everything. I want to say HUGE Angel High Fives and Thank You to my students and clients for being patient, present and generous with understanding and gifts. We have a long road ahead, but we are taking them one step and day at a time.

Now, did you notice anything new to the Website of Angelic Wise Ones®? I sure did, we added our Thankful Holiday Special 2014…Yes, it is that time of year and I am thankful on all levels, how about you?

As you know Once a year I extend my Gift to everyone from throughout the year as a way to say Thank you for being an Angel by offering to you my Specials, so please make sure you share them with family & friends and take advantage of the Holiday Specials while you can. With that in mind , due to my delay in Florida, I am extending the Special thru to December 20, 2014. That way you have more time to share with your family & Friends, check out the “Refer a Friend”  and my Aura Past Lives of Souls Private Readings & Small Group Specials too…

We have a New Special coming in December/January for all of you Mediums, Psychics and Psychic Mediums out there…I have designed something special with you in mind as we step into 2015.

Keep on Smiling Angels as we have so much more coming to us before the end of this Wonderful Holy Trinity Year… What is coming for the year of 2015? Cant wait to share all of that with you in next months December Newsletter.


Till then…

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie®


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