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November Welcome Message from Adele

Hello and Welcome to November…

 November my November how awesome you are!

 First I need to say Thank You to all of my New Subscribers; it is a joy to have you here with us! I do hope we can inspire you, delight you, educate you, empower you, journey with you, laugh with you, work with you, and turn you on to all things within the Angelic and Spiritual Realms, to assist you in your ascension journey here and now.

 As we bring in the next and final phase of this 2014 year, we are looking at all things that comfort us in so many ways. It is that time when we start to prepare for our gatherings and festivities to share and enjoy with family and friends, just as here at Angelic Wise Ones® we are getting ready too, more on that later.

 Can’t you feel it, a brightening of energies allowing everyone to breathe easier and move along this journey faster? As soon as Mercury Retrograde let up, it was like a backlash of energy just waiting to get in the door like a child coming home from school. Bursting right on in and seeking your attention. It could not be more wonderful than right now, and if Mercury Retrograde hit you hard then you are defiantly welcoming this energy right now. And if you, like I, enjoyed Mercury Retrograde…well let the games keep going, as we walk among the Light of Luminaries. Those with whom are here with us now, as many shall say we need it the most. But, let me also remind you about the energies of The Holy Trinity of this year. Nothing ever comes to completion; it is an evolutionary advancement unto the next platform of ascension within the mind, body and spirit. These energies are taking you onto the next step, the next platform of that ascension and hold on because things are about ready to be shaken up even more so.

 We have all been experiencing one form or another of negativity placed upon us and the outside world in which you live is doing a tremendously good job of it, do you not think? Since they believe they are all aligned in their own righteousness then they believe their own commandments. I have to laugh as my free will of choice supersede their commandments, it may not happen right away, but the energies shall support me in the end, and that is where it counts. In doing this and being aware of all that is going on I also need to be prepared the same as you…I can only say it is good to be prepared, even if you do not know what to be prepared for, in saying this, you also need to be familiar or knowing what is going on around you. And right now the energies are asking us to support it more so than ever before. How do you do that? Utilizing The Holy Trinity of truth, honesty and Love. When you combine those three elements you are supported like wings upon your back lifting you into a higher realm of energies. What others take for granted I do not. Being thankful everyday for the family and friends I have and the gifts that are given to me from God. What more do you need?

 Today starts my November Thankful Holiday Special, don’t forget to check it out as my gift to all of you. And I love the way we have everything set up. Once you make the purchase, you can schedulable your appointment or small group gallery within three months from the time of your purchase. Please share this news with your friends and family and take advantage of these specials from my heart to yours! Lasts November we had numerous individuals reaping the rewards from our “Refer a Friend Special” as they received a gifted small group gallery for six individuals just be referring three friends who scheduled a reading and met with me to let me know who referred them. That is a pretty sweet deal.

 We have a Spirit Speaks Gallery coming right after the New Year so be ready as we are there to deliver to you the messages from your Loved ones, Spirit Guides and Angels in the Heavenly Realms.

 Workshops, workshops, workshops, yes, I am working steady on some new and beloved workshops that are just around the corner waiting for you. Do not forget the Understanding Your Soul Contract workshop is Saturday, November 15, 2014 and I only have a few seats left, so if you have been thinking about it, it is best to get your seat before they are all filled.

November 29, 2014 at 7:00 pm is our Spirit Speaks Message Circle™  Such an amazing and great way to share with those of like mind, if you enjoy the experience and decide and develop more of your own self as a Medium, or intuitive, or just want to learn as much as you can, Please continue to join us as we sit in a old school Mediumship circle, working with the energies of those around us in spirit to deliver messages.

 Have a great beginning of an awesome energy surge that we are having right now, be abundant in all you do for yourself and others as the abundance comes right back to you and have a very special month of my November my November how awesome you are!


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele

All Rights reserved Copyright ©2014 Adele Marie/Angelic Wise Ones®