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Open Mediumship Development Circle

Open Mediumship Development Circle2016 103



December 16, 2017

December 30, 2017

Time:  7:00 pm. till 9:00 pm. ( doors open 6:45 pm.)

Location: Millersville, MD.

Empowerment: 10.00

Payments in advance ( below) or at the door

This is a wonderful time in our lives as we open the doors working with Spirit and to have the time and space collectively to all get together. Whether you are a novice just beginning or beyond… this is the place for you to experience and enjoy shared messages with Spirit. We will be opening with a group meditation to raise our energies and awareness as we then share the messages we receive from Spirit. There is always those times when you need to raise your energy vibration as you invest in you and to share your gifts with those of like mind

When we create a circle of one we have power, when we create a circle of more than one we have a community in which to raise our levels of energy higher to reach beyond the Universe. As collective minds we then assist others with their energies to allow the divine messages from Spirit to come thru.

 A mutual place to join with others of like mind to open the doors of Spirit Communication. 

Open Mediumship Development Circle

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