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Personal Love to our Souls of Light

Since I never get personally political here, please grant me this for a few moments.4-Love

My sorrowful heartfelt love to the LGBT community, so many thoughts and energies going thru me right now as it is hard to fathom the destruction of human lives in this way or any way for that matter. Touching closer to home within each of us as mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, family are all we have as we look around and now they are no more. A world transformed in a matter of moments with what has always been right there. The love that is outpouring, spanning the miles to connect us around the world, has touched each one of us in our own personal way.

We would think in today’s world with so much death and violence, so many crying out for equality, for recognition, for acknowledgement to see us for who we are…that the powers would really know the laws that govern our Nation. And to know that it is not the individual next to you that is your enemy but those with the power to control what their own belief structure is in so using it against us all, is a day we realize all is about to be revealed.

Remember it is the Year of Revelations…This week’s shooting wasn’t merely an attack on the LGBT community. It was an attack on all of us, on our common values of freedom and diversity and choice.

This is key to understand the people wanting to disarm us to stop terrorists all have private ARMED security with them every moment of each day!

This is not that of gun control, many do not realize how much gun control we already do have, but little by little they shall take away our own basic rights by using this to place fear among the masses. Be knowledgeable by not reading every story or watching every news channel, but do your research to be nothing if not informed within the confines of your own knowing. The powers that be just need a few laws to be re-written without your knowing the full scope of what is going on, but they will give you sweet little pieces to throw you off because those sweet little treats make you feel good, as if something was accomplished. They shall not agree upon full disclosure of everything, but you are so used to it all that you feel justified… complacent. And that is their goal.

Every life that is loss is a huge hole in all of us, there is no rhyme or reason of what color you are, what socioeconomics behavior you are tied to, what sexual orientation or belief structure you live within …we are all human, we are all alive right now and the justification that is doled out to use is against every humanly conscious thought pattern there is and the masses are diving right in following those dictates and wondering why it keeps happening. Wake up is a word that is heard, shouted and cried over and over again and we have but one chance to do so. For if we all keep sleeping and allowing the atrocities to keep happening one day we shall all be denied the right to even love with an open voice, a caring smile, a deep hug of support or condolences, of pleasure to be connected to another living being. Do you not see this?

Humanity as a whole is waiting, we are all the human pieces in the big board game of chess that the powers that be are moving and manipulating as they face their opponents across from them, across the land, across the waters. We all seem to forget…we too are their opponents for we demand the rights which we are born under and they have been taken them away chip by chip, life by life, by words and pens away. You see this at work each day, you see this within families, and you see this at the grocery or gas lines. Everyone lives a game of chess and it is all about which piece you shall move on a given day and which piece you shall use for your protection and destruction to take the queen or the prize. Which piece are you willing to give up or surrender too? Which piece shall be your conqueror?

Just like us, millions of individuals world wide are trying to live this life we have chosen to be in. Millions of individuals world wide have so much hate for one another, why? Because we/they are different? What makes us different from one another? We see one another as the symbol of the country we are born in or live in, each placing all of our fears, hatred, anxieties and more upon one another, the everyday individual living as best as they can. We make for great symbols of the human chess game…Most of us fail to connect/identify with those whom hold the power over millions of lives in our world. Watching as the powers that be are picking up each human chess piece, examining it and then making their move without a thought or care to the human chess pieces or their colleagues. And then the death toll rises. For we are not human pieces of their chess game if we allow it to continue, we are living breathing individuals who have through our own misinform directions, chose these powers to lead us in the right direction…we have allowed them to grow in their power that they have no clue to the world in which we live. They only see their own worth, their own power as that of due diligence and they shall never let it go.

I do believe everyone has forgotten they need us to have their reign and collectively they work for us, not against us, but that has been loss these past years as those who do not remember, those who do not know, those who do not care right now in their selfish lives as they believe it does not affect them. It affects us all.  But one day they will be us and they will look back at their oversight and impress upon their young to get the job done. The journey of Soul Contracts is a touchy and powerful one to understand and know why and what is happening for what and when.

As the pieces are being moved, the game being played, we the bystanders watch the play by play and realize the game is never over; it is an ongoing continuum of powerful structures of reign in which we are not allowed, but pawned with every move..

The ideology that not one human beings life is more important than another is mind blowing. The abuse and struggles that continues for being who you are, who we all are in today’s society is cruel and unjust. The fight is real and we have fought our whole lives to love and be loved to reach beyond the world of hatred to one another and know deep in our hearts we Love.

Awareness is a struggle for us all as we try to cope with the total disregard of truth in our lives, our society. The truth is revealed over time…into which never is lived more so than we need to live today. For each soul lost to violence we need to live for them, to let those souls know their soul message was heard loud and clear and we shall live for them.

Once again, as we begin and end our days here together. Each living soul is worth more than we give credit for. For within us is the living light of God and we are all connected as One.

Thank you for being with us during these exciting times ahead as we send you Angel Hugs of Peace & Love.  May you be blessed with love of life and your own divinity that is connected to all communities around the World.


Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele

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