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POP UP Spirit Mediumship Reading Special

Ever have that moment in time, when you just sit there trying to understand everything that is going on around you? Do you ever start talking to your loved ones who have passed away and wonder if they can hear you?

As we look for direction in our life, we need that extra assistance in doing so. Adele warmly & lovingly helps you find the answer you seek as she Opens herself up to your spiritual guides, teachers and loved ones to bring You messages of love, closure, blessings, healing, honesty, acknowledgements, hope, support and inspiration. We all want to know that our loved ones are doing wonderful as they transitioned home and are watching over us to support us and are still a part of our lives in all ways.

I will let you know I can see Spirit physically with my eyes wide open, I can see them within my minds eye with my eyes open or closed, I can hear, sense, feel, taste, smell, and know them. All of this is coming at me at the same time, allow me to be your Visionary Messenger to share with you all that is going on around you, and your loved ones in Spirit.


$150.00 for a Private Reading for 1 (one) individual with Adele Marie

250.00 for a Semi-Private Reading for 2 (two) individuals with Adele Marie


This POP UP Spirit Mediumship Reading Special Expires at 12 Midnight Tonight- August 25, 2021.



POP UP Mediumship Reading Special



***NOTE:::All appointments must be paid in full at time of purchase,

and must be scheduled & completed within 3 months of purchase from today’s date -August 25, 2021.

This POP UP Spirit Mediumship Reading Special is non transferable and non refundable.

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