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Scheduling Appointments with Adele

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It has come to my attention recently that I do not answer my phone when someone wants to make an appointment with me. Moreover, how inconsiderate, rude and unprofessional that is. And I have to laugh as for one; in all these years I have never offered a phone number to schedule appointments with me. And two: how many individuals do not take the time to understand the complexities that go into what my profession is really all about and it is not what they show you on TV.

With my profession comes a responsibility to everyone around on a twenty four /seven bases and that includes those in the Spiritual Realms.

When someone is inconsiderate and telling me how to do my business, work and profession that they have no idea that as they are telling me this…. their loved ones, angels and spirit guides are talking to me to let me know exactly what they are like. It is then opening a whole new doorway to that individual and why they have the need to control who I am and how I work.

I work very hard in my profession as it is numerous things on numerous levels and not just sitting around all day waiting by the phone or door. I think my staff and I work very hard to make sure that everything is written out very clear and concise when seeking to schedule an appointment with me. We have taken the hours to carefully and concisely write out everything step by step. If someone does not take the time to read what we share, then this allows me to know that they will not take the time to listen to what is being delivered to them by Spirit. In which case I am not the Medium for you…. as I have responsibilities to not only Spirit, but also to you.

If you have someone that you can call and talk to them to schedule your appointment then please keep this person in your pocket, as I do not need to know anything about you beforehand. When you want to take the phone to take the time to talk to schedule that appointment you are giving away too much information about yourself that cannot then be validated by me when you finally have your session. But hey, you know this business better than me and just gave your whole life away, as I said keep them in your pocket.

So let’s get this all clear again for those who are joining us and want to know the skinny….


  1. I do not offer a phone number for anyone to call me and schedule an appointment.
  2. I have never offered a phone number for anyone to call me to schedule an appointment.
  3. I do not return text messages from anyone who gives out my personal number to someone to text or call to schedulable an appointment with me.
  4. If you so happen to have my personal phone number and you give out my phone number to someone I do not know, then I also delete you from my phone book. As you do not see me giving your personal number to anyone that ask me.
  5. If you have had a long distance phone call appointment with me in the past and believe you can use that same number to call another time to schedule an appointment with me, you have learned that the only time that phone is answered is when I have an appointment with a scheduled client. Otherwise that phone does not get answered.
  6. I do not have time to sit around all day to answer the phone to answer a ton of questions to schedule and appointment that may be or not be with you.
  7. I have a very awesome automated appointment scheduler that is so easy for everyone to use and it walks you thru the whole process from you choosing the date & time that works for you, to walking you thru the payment to the confirmation and all that is needed to make a schedule appointment.
  8. Yes, this helps you; this allows you to be the one who makes the choice so that we do not have to go back and forth with emails.
  9. I have clients that would like me to answer the door to have their scheduled appointments and not be on the phone scheduling another appointment. All my clients are very important to me.  

I hope this has helped and if you are realizing that you are not just another number but a valued individual in my life and I am not just another Medium but I am a Visionary Medium that has responsibilities and a heart that cares as much about you as I do about all of our Spirit Guides, Angels and Loved Ones in Spirit. Then you and I are a match made in Heaven and shall have a great year of readings and messages along the way. Its going to be an awesome year this 2016… Lets enjoy al of it! 


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Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie

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