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Spiritual Love Match and You

Ladies and Gentlemen…

 It is that time of year when love is in the air and why should you not have your love too.4-Love

As and Oracle and Visionary Messenger Adele’s sees what the heart is looking for and where two peoples energies match up.

If you believe in twin souls then you are going to love her Soul Gathering where she matches you with your soul twin for a match made in heaven.

Adele has numerous ladies and gentlemen looking for love, so why not share what she knows in how to find your match but make it a match of heavenly love?

This is not a dating site, but a chance to meet, exchange conversation, laughter, interest and that one in a million chance to find your spiritual love in this life.



 Most people believe in twin flames, twin souls, soul mates and that is great. But there is in this lifetime an opportunity when two souls do come together. As these souls meet and greet one another the energies light up around them. It can be seen to show the lifelines with one another thru the ages of time and then too, a new soul light connection for something brand new in their soul love for one another.

When we work with a higher level of energy sometimes we need our grounder. Most spiritual people believe they need a spiritually matched person to make their life complete. To only then find that spiritual match is just not making it. What happened and why did it not work? Plain and simple its all about the Soul Energies.

There are numerous reasons as to the why of all of it, but most of all, when two souls come together they reenact out a moment of time that their souls need… to then accomplish what they are here in this lifetime to do. Adele sees all of this as two people are together to know what the energetic energies traveling between them really mean.

We seek love like we have known when we were home and when we meet someone that makes our energies reeve up, we believe it is love, only to find that the paragon of our interest has faults like everyone else. Its all about divine soul passion and when you do not have that passion for the other person, then the love you felt fizzles fast as you are left to wonder what happened. What happened is you allowed the mystery of love to cloud your energy, to not see there was no passion to begin with, just a cloud of illusion that finally floated away to see where your heart really lies and what it is truly seeking. Soul Love !

Adele is going to take your hand and walk you thru to see what those self obstacles, the clouds of illusion are, and how to toss them away one by one. Stop grieving and giving yourself a hard time about what could have been. Let’s get out and enjoy the Beautiful and Loving Soul You.

Lets look at the first step…Life 2015 049


  1. Register for a one on one with Adele for a 30 minute phone Soul Energy Love Consultation below
  2. Fill out application and send along with a recent and updated photograph of yourself only… Meaning:
  3. ( no one else in the picture with you)
  4. Do the Homework !
  5. Once you have had your phone consult with Adele she then works with her Angelic Wise Ones®  and starts to match you up with one of her Angels.
  6. Adele will then re-c0nnect with you to send you an invitation to her Soul Gatherings.
  7. Put on your best style and show up to meet your Twin Energy Soul of Love.


 And as Adele says, not everyone needs a spiritual soul that is their twin,

but a grounder to make that match made in heaven.

Adele does know what the soul is looking for and she sees right to the heart of the matter.