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Spiritual Soul Development Class

OK Angels you are going to Love this Series of Classes

and there is nothing out there like them!

This series of Classes is for the Individuals who wishes to

grow, create, connect and experience life on a Spiritual Soul level.

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Date: Begins Thursday,  2018

Time: *** 7:00 pm.*** ( See Below) ( doors open 6:45 pm -Lock at 7:00 pm Prompt)

Fee: See Payment thru PayPal buttons below

Payment in Full:  270.00

Non-refundable Deposit: 30.00

Note: Due to the limited size of this class to keep it very intimate once class begins there is no refund as you have registered and reserved this space for you.

Spiritual Soul Development Class

Classes begin  2018 and runs non-consecutively thru , 2018

All students are by Reservation Only This is a limited size class – Your Reservation is Required

So many times we have many interesting life experiences that happen sometimes one right after another. And with no one to talk to, to assist you, you end up searching every place you can find to get the answers you need. This is awesome and as we do so we find that everyone has their own style of understanding what is really happening. Numerous times in your life you ask yourself what is my Souls Purpose… Well now you have Adele to assist you in Finding just that.

Due to the high demand of individuals seeking to be a part of Adele’s weekly Spiritual Soul Classes, Adele has been guided to open her doors once again just for you. This course is an intensive hands-on Spiritual Soul development classes working with Adele as she walks and guides you through all that you need in your  Spiritual  Soul development. This Spiritual Soul Development is a series of  classes that will include every facet of learning with Adele as she walks you through your higher learning of the Spiritual Soul realms. She touches upon your Spiritual journey, breaking down the soul to get a clear view of the Souls purpose and then assist you in your Spiritual Soul Journey.

The excitement she finds in teaching and guiding you will be evident in her loving guidance as she brings you to an elevated understanding of who you are and working with all those in the spiritual soul realms. This class is for all those who are searching for answers to everything that is happening and going on around them. To re-new and/or begin their spiritual soul journey… life purpose from a calling that is deep inside your heart and soul. To those who were on this path before and turned away from what was happening to them and around them. You will not find anywhere else classes like these. To get clarity and peace of mind that “No, you are not crazy or weird and you are not alone!”

Your Soul Journey is before you and your Soul is calling out to you to begin right here and now!

These classes are fun and informative and will definitely change your life in a loving way, not only with yourself, but also, with all things in and around your life. Learning to work with your Soul self and Spirit in a safe, loving protected environment that you cannot find anywhere else.. Find out the do’s and don’ts, truths and myths of the metaphysical world as you bring your awareness to a whole new level of consciousness. Adele being the original creator of numerous Guided Meditation CD’s in meeting your Spirit Guides, Angels and Teachers will guide in person through a series of meditations to meet your Spiritual Soul Self and look at your Soul Contract.


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