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Stand Up Years™ … what shall it be about?

Stand Up Years™ … what shall it be about? 2016 315

As a Visionary I see more than you would want to know or understand… everywhere I go and everywhere I am. It is always there right before me with my eyes wide open. I take a lot of what I see with a grain of salt, a lot of making sure I do not dwell upon that which I do see and then all the times when it is so imperative that I make that connection for something that lies deeper. Everything in what I see is always in the truth. With all of this I would not trade it for the world, from seeing your energy and how it shifts back and forth with your emotions, decisions, conversations etc… to world events. Watching thru eyes as the world events play out before us, everyone’s strongest desires when trying to bring the best light possible to the candidate of their choice. Just as you, my choice this Presidential election is just that … my choice… and just like you I wish for changes, peace, dedication, patriotism, equality, growth and so much more. Shall one or the other be the true answer? Not quite from what I see…

To explain we have to look Spiritual at different energies and how they shall play out. I advocate for not one candidate over another as I know there shall be in our near future a Counsel in which governs our country (not that there isn’t already, mind you). But a true counsel of elected individuals who shall run this country together with one being no higher than the other….and with that being said…Take a journey and allow me to explain the “Stand up Years™” of energies with both of the main candidates…

I am not an astrologer as many of you know, and I do not know anything about horoscopes, birth dates, etc….that being established and said…

I am a Visionary and I do know about energies and “Stand up Years”. A short synopsis of the “Stand Up Year™” below helps us to understand more. The age in our lives that our now President Elect is today, is called the “Stand Up Year™” meaning a year of decisions and choices. A year of finally stepping up and doing what you have always thought, believed or knew you can do but have not done so yet in life, in which you shall. So your soul is calling for you to finally do it, through the choices you make. To make it a year of purpose. A journey in which we are building for the betterment all around us.

Let us start with Mr. Donald Trump, now our President Elect whom is seventy (70) years of age right now. Born June, 14, 1946. His Stand Up Year™ is right now. A time in life where Mr. Trump’s year to a year and a half previous to him turning seventy( last year and so) … meant that he went thru much of what his soul was directing. His soul was assisting him to let go of everything that is no longer of value. This happens when we have held on to things for so long that when we reach our “Stand up Year” our soul is saying it is time and let go of all that is no longer of value in your life and that means, people, places and things. When this happens and the individual will not let go, they live and have turbulent times in their lives for that year to a year and a half. The path and journey is not the smoothest for them in any direction they go during that time frame if they will not, shall not and do not work with their soul to align themselves in their journey. Ohhh… they make it thru but, they struggle the whole time when they will not make the changes and rethink their attitude, when they will not admit, when they will not let go of the people, places and things that are holding on to them or vice versa, controlling things, emotions or associations that mean something to them from a long time ago. Associations that where viable at one time, but no longer serve the greatest or highest outcomes…

Now for those who did work on all of these things, they looked at the truth and let go during their year to a year and half before (pre) their “Stand Up Year™” then they smoothly go into their “Stand Up Year™” with their choice made loud and clear and from then on out they are working in unison with their soul. A journey in which they are building for the betterment all around them. This then could give our President Elect a head start in creating a unison for All Americans and accomplishments within the World spectrum. As they say… we shall have to wait and see just as thru out history we waited with baited breath as each took their turn in the Oval Office.

Know let us look at Secretary Hillary Clinton, born October 26, 1947 to which she is now sixty-nine ( 69) years of age. She has and is fully engaged in her year before her “Stand Up Year” and all I can say is Wow. To understand is to re-read what is written above about a “Stand Up Year™”. Right now she is going thru her pre- “Stand Up Year™” which means her soul is trying to get her to let go of everything that is no longer of value in her life.. people, places and things…This is why… you have seen for the past half year everything come up that individuals like to post about her, good, bad or indifferent as she is living out her life to build her future. Recognizing what she needs to let go of, what works or does not work for her, the people in her life that she needs to let go of or bring into her life as she moves into her full “Stand Up Year™”. As she does all of this, she like he, will be doing so on the Social and World Stream platform which includes all of us.

It’s like this, if you are a year out or even a half a year out of being in your Stand Up Year™ and you are struggling, you know deep inside what you need to do but you are refusing or thinking it will get better or just maybe all go away.. Then those around you feel and are experiencing your emotions, energy, indecisiveness, and your strength, every aspect about you and when you are struggling with it, so too are they. You are projecting whether conscious or unconscious all of that energy around you and those within your life are living it with you. So all in all you are experiencing and looking at a mirror reflected back at you. (which we could get into a whole new discussion here which this writer would enjoy but, alas time is upon us).

You see your soul is always and I mean always assisting and trying to get your attention to clear it all out as you move forward in what you want in life. When we ignore these prompting from our soul, our life is discombobulated and nothing seems to make sense or be correct in what we are trying to accomplish. It’s a constant struggle or challenge by the choices we make to either let go or keep steady and moving ahead with status quo. But once we start aligning with that part of our soul then everything starts working for us as we step forward. So she shall be in her Pre-“Stand Up Year™” if she had been elected to office.

So what does all of these mean in the end???

In the end we keep living and we keep going …living our lives to the best of our abilities. With both of these very high profile and powerful individuals that are on the world stage for all to see, they are also pulling all of us with them as they go thru their pre…full blown “Stand Up Year™”. Add that to this year being the “Year of Revelations” (truths which must be told)…and you find that we have a mixed nice Molotov cocktail of energies to serve the World over. Reminding you that which is displayed as the World waits with held breath to the explosion of energies that shall follow in the days ahead once our new elected President is announced/inaugurated onto the World platform.

God Bless … may your candidate be safe and true in their “Stand Up Year™” For it means our future and that of our children, and their children, and their children, etc……

Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie

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