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Thank You

Hi There, I am Rainbow Butterfly and thank you for ordering a Message from me!

I am just as excited as you are to hear everything that will be on your recording, so stay tunes, give me a little bit of time and Boom, you will have your Message from me delivered right to your email inbox.


Ohhhh…. and if you hear anything,  you know like voices, noises, feel someone playing with your hair…

wellllll,  that’s just your Joy Guide and me talking about you…lolol…


That’s my Mommy over there to your right, she has hearts flying around her all the time…

Talk to you soon.

This Message was brought to you by….Rainbow Butterfly 




If your Message is for an individual other than yourself, please email Peg at:

adele@angelicwiseones.com Attn: Peg