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Congratulations and Thank you for Registering for Adele’s Spirit Speaks Gallery Event.Life 2015 049
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Your loved ones seek her out, waiting to send you a message……………..

Join with your friends and family and let’s make a night to remember to spend with Adele in her Spirit Speaks Galleries™ platform Mediumship, as Adele opens the doors into the spiritual realms of how she receives her messages from spirit and the Angelic Wise Ones®. As a Visionary Adele sees thru the veils and walks all worlds in a color of the spirit world energy. From the moment she begins you will know her sense of genuine peace and love in why she is called The Visionary Messenger, communicating not only those in spirit but to you, the audience members.  As a Visionary Adele sees thru the veils and walks all worlds in a color of the spirit world energy. Even though Adele will deliver as many messages as she can, not everyone will receive messages from your Loved Ones, Spirit Guides,  Angels or Furry Friends as they may come through in what Adele refers to as “heart to heart ” messages, this is where there is a sharing of messages from one individuals loved one in spirit that matches the same message you loved one wants you to hear too. Leaving you with a sense of knowing peace and love that our loved ones have made that connection thru all audience members. At the end of evening Adele will be present to answer a few of your questions. This extraordinary night will be one of love, laughter and light™.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask by emailing Ashley at

adele@angelicwiseones.com and she will take very good care of you.


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