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The Light of Luminaries.. Channeled Message from Ascended Master Lord Amin-RU, by Adele Marie

Channeled Message from Ascended Master Lord Amin-RU, by Adele Marie

The Light of Luminaries…

Welcome to you one and all as the time of energetic peace prevails within the whispers of light to which the luminaries guide. I am Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru and it is warmth of knowledge I am with you. A traveling time of consciousness is not of time, but of inner luminary light. And this I AM and of this I see beyond the focus of earthly maintenance.

 As light workers you can all say God bless, peace be with you and so on…which is wonderful if you are all on the same page. When one fraction of the universe is not in alignment with the other then the fraction keeps growing larger. Is this not what you have been experiencing? A growth of the fraction going on? Do you not see the widening gap in which others have systematically been developing around you in your world? Why recently we watched as your leaders gave away a magnitude of electives in which they then are in debt to energies more than you know. You do not have a democracy as you may believe, you have a factious state of human cargo and you are the cargo. How do you think you shall be transported? Not that I need to remind you of the well being of your own Planet of Mother Earth, but she is one of our own and we do tend to be more watchful when we see these things that place her in a deeper chasm of what she agrees too.

 If you remember I did share with you the upper most regions of your Planet of Mother Earth, and what was going on, so much movement and a destruction in which you are not to be made aware of until you shall be denied access. Your leaders are very well and comfortable with their own selves and that of their other leading playmates. To this they have you believe it is not so and that there is a divided aspect of their working together. Ahhh… the human playgrounds unto which you sit in the sand and dirt and map out your strategies. You then make your advancement, but in order to fully advance you must pay the piper or socialize to get your own way…hmmm…think about that. We told you before of the walls coming down; did you not think it was going to happen? You see when one wall comes down; it’s comparatively a domino effect that shall not be stopped. You have been made to feel as you have a control of the outcome, but your limitations are slowly getting in the way of their own progress. Walls, they are so limiting to one who wishes to broaden their horizons do you not think? Why then would one wish to broaden those horizons without thinking about those who shall one day be standing toe to toe upon them?

 You have been witness to three mass endemics within such a short span of your earthly time, this is no coincidence. For to the one who wishes to unseat the flow of energies in such a way as to not heed the final outcome, is one to which has ultimate control in mind. Once again this is not done alone as one, but as a mass decision and mandate of a believing supreme council. Of this your Planet of Mother Earth has many with whom has the seed of lust within them. How do they not believe the minion way of control shall not be their own downfall, is a question we sit in amazement at the audacity of authorities.

 Your Planet of Mother Earth was not designated as one authority over another, for that had been relayed upon long ago before you where even a thought within the strata of life. And to which we know all things must play out as they are destined to be. Humans have been playing far too long with what is called fire and that fire is one that if allowed to smolder shall engulf quite rapidly. As the teacher has said do not be one to not truly see what is going on around you and not be prepared. For the words we give are for you to be aware of every living micro of energies as they are being manipulated. The life force energies are changing in structure and we watch as they try to kill off the original life force to create a life force that is not sustainable. Do they not understand they are sealing their own, even if this is to be their soul purpose? The conditions of controlling that which you have no authority shall be that which strangles the originator of such energies.

 When you take a council that is seeking mass quandrance upon which they do not understand, they are not just building their own world they are systematically destroying that which they believe shall support them. In this there shall be no converging of energies to which can sustain the mass of humans to be found in one area over the other. Its is going to have to relate to the exodius of legions to familiarize themselves with the quandrant of human existence.

 The Light of Luminaries shall be called forth for that which they are already heeding the call to come within. When the life force energies of one planetary system are in need, the imbalance in which it creates in the Universe for which it is sustained shall bring the Light of Luminaries to heed the calling of light emergence once again. This has not been founded for many a millennium and was not expected until much later of your earth years. They come riding their steeds and heralding a time when no human shall begin, but for shall begun a new dawn of energies. There shall be new energies flowing seeking answers in the sifting of light. They shall not be known by name but by Light. They answer to no one for no one shall call to them. They shall came and be gone before it is known to that which has been. The light of Luminaries are the inner most sanction of time and energies to which is not dealt with on a level to be discussed. For action is the one and only choice that remains and your leaders of change are not aligned with the life force energies.

 So much deceitfulness in the words of those who say I have your best interest. The Holy Trinity energies are making a surge; just know that you to shall feel the rise of life force as the Light of Luminaries come in. Have an open heart and do not hide within the shelter as to not be displayed as they seek all truth, sincerity and justice. For those who hide within, shall be laid low of the sword of the Light. They ride and there is no way of turning them back, for the laws of justice have been leashed upon your Planet of Mother Earth, When one fraction dominates in the totality unto which there is no longer truth, then that system shall eat within its own self.

 Preparedness is not a choice it is one in which should have always been your inner strength. We shall be with you during these coming times as your Planet of Mother Earth is on open display to all the Interior of Justice and the Light of Luminaries Council shall unanimously be aware of your own soul forth calling of Light. To those who have kept an ingenuousness of declaring their Holy Trinity, I say to you “be all as we are with you, you have traveled far and you have given it your all, and it is not in vain, but in clarity. You have given up much and unrelentingly worked hard in your knowing. Peace shall rein upon you and the voice that shall be there shall be your guiding Light of Luminaries” .

I leave you know as I am called forth to Council, we have much to prepare for in your coming time. Enjoy the energies that we shall be forth with to sustain that which is clamed as our own. Remember the free will of choice that is your birth right upon your Planet of Mother Earth that shall never be taken from you unless you freely give it away.


These that are given to you is given to you in knowledge that you are One with all the Universe and the Light of Luminaries. It is my honor to the teacher to give this to you this day, for she is a light that knows no fear and she gives to you the peace and love that guides so many of the Masters to all of you on your Planet of Mother Earth. I leave you with this to discover and to learn. You have before you that which is created in human time and you know that time is of no importance in the realms of knowledge in the high Counsel of Light. I leave you with my blessing for your Planet of Mother Earth to have Peace which is hers and yours, may the coming times be that which opens you to the truth that you are. I am Lord Amin-Ru



Love, Laughter & Light, Adele

All Rights reserved Copyright ©2014 Adele Marie/Angelic Wise Ones®