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Thriving Community of Awareness

Spirit has a way of allowing us to understand all that is before us.A community

Times when we bring our voices together we find that so many are hearing us but not really listening. How many times will it take for us to keep saying we need to do something but when we do, we are put down in one way or another? To see the rallying around our communities makes a soul feel alive, understanding the purpose. Communities that are developed with a knowing of what community is all about. People make our communities, children make our communities, brothers, sisters, friends and acquaintances make our communities, schools make our communities, and businesses make our communities… You make our communities. I may not live in your community right now, but mine is no different than yours. You have all that I have, we choose the community in which we live by what is offered. What draws us to a community is what lies within…the heart and soul of a community…us together… a community of individuals of like mind here on Mother Earth who are working and living to survive, to enjoy, to laugh and mourn and to be all that each one of us can be. We enrich our communities by the support and heartfelt love we have for one another. From the older generations paving the way to create communities for their children, children and more children to grow and live and have all that we know we can have. To build and commune with one another, to share our daily lives in this great big world.

And time and time again we find that as we encroach upon a community we need to learn the community we are entering. We have to respect the community for all that it has built and the lives it is shaping. To honor those who have walked before us creating and building and sharing their own sense of self for us to all gather together in this life.

While we are here we have much to do and one thing is to not take the life of another. But we do anyway. We deem and decide what we believe is right and wrong with not just ourselves but those within our community. And then we take the steps to change that community to fit our own agenda.

So many say it is time to take our communities… in essence our lives back.

I often wonder why?

Who took your community to start with? What did you do as they were taking it? Did you enjoy the time away as to not see what was going on before you? Did you even care? What finally made you sit up and look around to decide it was time? Where have you been? How many lives have been taken as you sat idly by? It’s your community, so what happened? When did you change your feelings about your community? Did you ever really see and feel your community. Did you let your community know you loved all of it or just your little corner of your community?

Our communities thrive when we thrive and it is has been too long since we were all thriving in unison together!

Prosperity seems like a thing of the past at least when times were tough, when times where hard, we stood up and went about getting the job done, because you see our community needed us as much as we need our community. One by one our communities have been divided. A divided community is weak and can not stand alone. We seem to always be busy with one thing or another. We are into our own lives so much that we seem to not see or care or notice what is going on around us. So someone took the time to say look at us in our community to say enough is enough. I love my community and it is time… We no longer shall sit and wallow, we shall join hands to bring it all back home. Hearts beating as one within the circle of our community.

We see Communities coming together in the past few months and years, it is a wondrous sight to see as they join hands one by one. Are you the community? BE proud of your community and be kind to one another as you join together. Everyone has a voice and view on what their community shall look like in the coming years. Celebrate as you no longer are blinded and sitting idly by waiting for someone to fix your community. Take pride in all that is around you and allow your creation of spirit and community to be your dreams, your visions, your voice of peaceful love. Take pictures, share and be happy and joyful, for your community is shining and the light is not longer hard to see.

Over the years thru my channeling and articles we have been reaching out to get your attention, I know there are numerous individuals out there with their own words. And I say to you, it is your world, your life and your community. Your voice…To hate to hate because someone is not voting like you, is to hate the process… not the one voting differently than you. Did you listen to what I just wrote?  Your community needs you..Everyone has their own choices and sense of style and taste, how can you say you are not like others if your judgement sill clouds your mind of right and wrong with humanity, with community. Join hands with one another in your community, celebrate the differences you say you believe in and understand, for if not the one on the left and right of you in your community, it shall be the ones who take up where you refuse and join hands of acceptance world-wide and you shall be standing once again outside of your community wondering…wondering what happened and why!

We are all in this together and we all have a free will of choice that is what makes us the greatest. That is what makes us human in a society of power that will stop at nothing until they corral you as they intended all along.

Be Wise…Be Kind… and Be Aware
Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele

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