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Tis the Season to be alone? by Adele Marie

Well why not? There is no harm in being alone for the Holiday Season. As long as it is a choice to be alone to think things thru,13-the_christmas_angel_by_torib to move the energies around in your house, to move the energies around in your life…But never think it is because you are alone… By being alone during this time, a great deal can be accomplished. Like taking a look at what the holiday time means to you, or to those around you. Enjoy taking a walk in Mother Nature to have that time just with your own thoughts.


During this holiday season, well, each holiday season…when those moments of memories come to me and my thoughts, I realize, I know my loved ones are having more fun than I am, as they are free from the confines of this physical world from any pain, suffering, sickness or illness they my have had. Even those things we did not see or notice about them when they were with us. Stubbornly, most of our loved ones only allowed us to know what they wanted to show us on the outside, never allowing us to understand what is on the inside.

That is being alone.

And selfishly so… or is it? Is it selfish to not let anyone in to know what lies deep within your heart? Or is it pride, humiliation, rejection, worthiness? Maybe a knowing of not wanting to look at it themselves? Maybe they did let everyone know their whole lives how miserable they were. Or maybe it was a way to ask for some love, sympathy or someone to just say hello, I hear you and I am here…

When the holiday time comes around and our loved ones are no longer with us, a time when our deepest sadness comes to play. We step into creating the deepest unhappiness we can to not have joy, as maybe… just maybe…we feel guilty that we will have fun, have that companionship, the sweet happiness for a little while. That we will forget for a moment of time who they were in our life. All the fun times and sometimes not so much fun times we had with them during the holiday season. Believing they are no longer with us.

I get it. I also get in everything I do delivering messages to individuals everyday from their loved ones (whom have crossed over/passed away)… how they have always shared thru those messages that they are with us, they do see their children or grandchildren opening presents, how uncle Bob is still drinking his way thru every bottle he can find, and that Aunt Patty is still mad at everyone… lol… how much the food tasted yummy and how someone did not have cake or ate all the cake, they still enjoy being with us. And they too shake their head when they see us mourning their loss and not celebrating the season to which we all need some joy. They may not physically be here, but spirit wise they are. Furthermore.. they are asking you, requesting of you, to enjoy your life…

There was a news article recently mentioning that right before David Cassidy passed away he told his daughter “So much wasted time” or something to that effect. And yes, we waste so much time being alone within our thoughts that we at times cannot get out of them. We waste time being mad or arguing, or believing something that is not right or true, but we hold onto that as it is comforting to us and in a way that I still cannot fathom individuals believing. I guess  it goes to the minds set of how we were all raised. A generational belief. As we grow and learn more each day we find we are allowed to change that mind set if we allow ourselves to believe and trust the process… We waste so much time worrying about every little thing that it takes our precious time here on Mother Earth away from us and our loved ones here and now with us. You see your loved ones in Heaven, they get it now, they see everything and they get it, and they want you to get it too.  Believe me they celebrate when you do get it. They do not wish for us to be morose or sad, they want us to enjoy and experience everything that life has to offer. They want us to live our lives as they had wished they should or could have lived theirs. To have the strength to go with their own gut feelings or that little person inside who said enjoy!!!

You see when we transition/pass away we see some many things on so many levels that we just smack our heads and wonder why we never has seen it for what it is.

My Mom loved the Holidays in a way to enjoy her family and grandchildren, individuals that she would randomly meet. Like all mothers, a little stressed getting things ready but she would always light up as we would walk thru the front door. Seeing us and sharing that smile for us to know I am glad you are here. Why would I want to take that from her now? Why would I want to not enjoy something she loved so much? Is it selfishness? It is sadness or loss? Or is it our way to try to remember them, that we forget them in their own way, and what they enjoyed?

hello, I hear you and I am here…

God Bless and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to You and Yours from Heaven

Tis the Season to be Joyful Everymore…

Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie

All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2017 Adele Marie/ Angelic Wise Ones®