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To make an appointment with a medium, a psychic medium or a psychic

Here are a few things you need to know when you decide to make an appointment with a medium, a psychic medium or a psychic it will not matter whether they are a high profile professional, a professional or someone just beginning to come out into the world as a professional.1-new-years-countdown-2017

1) Before setting an appointment ask others if they have had a reading/session with the medium/psychic who you are thinking about seeing.
2) You can always Google them and see what shows up where they are at.
3) See if the medium/psychic has a website in which you can read about the medium/psychic you are looking to go to. Their website should have information about them to read.
4) Know the style of the medium/psychic and even ask the medium/psychic how they work. Do they need any tools (cards, astrology, crystals, etc.)
5) Are you allowed to ask questions and when can you ask during your reading
6) Will the appointment/ reading be taped/recorded or may you tape/record it yourself.
7) What is their cancellation policy
8) What is their timeline and is there usually a waiting time that day of the appointment.
9) Decide if you want this to be in person or long-distance (phone consult)
10) Know what the amount is that you will be charged for the session/reading and what if you go over the time allotted for the appointment will there be any additional charges.
11) Make sure you have a list of questions with you to ask on the day of your appointment. This is so that you will not forget when the time comes and the medium, psychic medium or psychic ask you if you have any questions. This should not be asked by that individual until you are almost through with the appointment.
12) Be open, have fun and enjoy!

So here is to beginnings. May you have that which you need to begin a relationship with your own medium, and your fresh start in becoming the medium you are!

Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie

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