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Farther Down the Rabbit Hole with Paula Gloria and Adele Marie

Adele’s Spirit Card Reading for Paula

Click Here to view the reading at Blip.TV

Click the link above to see Adele “read” Paula Gloria’s Spirit Card.

Spirit Card Reading for Paula Gloria
I first met Paula Gloria through the internet when she e-mailed and asked if I would do a live Spirit Card Reading, we set a date & time and Had an interesting time, As you will hear, the reading starts after a few minutes of Paula talking. There will be noises in the background and the squealing of the mikes, please be forewarned that this is kind of loud. Now, I did not get to do a whole reading of Paula’s Spirit Card, for the full message of what she was given on this video, we ran out of time and then went off the air as I finished.

I honor Paula for placing this on YouTube.com so we may connect this way. Paula is a Producer of “Farther Down the Rabbit hole” with Manhattan Neighborhood Network/Time Warner Productions, in New York. Paula is a very loving and generous person who is always working and looking into that which may assist all of us, as we go further down the rabbit hole. Are you ready?

Spirit Cards are a wonderful gift from Spirit through physical Mediums. This is a form of Spirit Precipitation that enables you to receive a material gift, in which you may have and hold, for verifiable proof of Spirit in your life to all degrees of that which you are seeking. There is much discipline involved from the physical mediums part, as to the degrees of the quality of your precipitated Spirit card. Over the years, I have seen many examples of this form of work from top professional physical mediums whom I honor, for all types of precipitated Spirit card’s, silks and more.
When selecting a physical medium to whom does this work, please check them out in all ways, Google their names, and ask others about them as I have found over the years that there are many who do not use integrity when doing this work.

To date there is no one that I would personally recommend for you to go and be in a circle for this type of work.

My part is not to produce these awesome Spirit Cards, mine is to tell you about them. You see, when one of these Spirit Cards comes close to me or I hold it in my hand, all of the energy from Spirit pops up in 3-D for me to see and to hear as all of your guides, teachers and loved ones in Spirit, start talking to me – for me to then – relay to you what the meaning of all that is on your card is, so that you may then take the whole experience with you in your growth, development, closure, understanding, etc…

This is part of who I am as a Visionary Messenger and what I love to do. Bringing those in Spirit closer to you here in the physical, for you to enjoy, grow and learn from, as you learn to better understand you connective-ness with everything and ALL.

Love, Laughter & Light,