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Walking with the Blessed Mother

Walking with the Blessed MotherAAdeleMarie Cd 2015 Mother-3

Date: Saturday,  2018

Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Empowerment: 110.00

NR Deposit: 20.00

Location: Millersville, MD.

Walking with The Blessed Mother

Walking with the Blessed Mother is one of the most gently loving energies from the Universe and the Realms of the Divine Feminine. Adele has out done herself in this extraordinary Workshop and CD as she guides you gradually in learning the breath of life and walks you through the doorways to meet The Blessed Mother and the Angelic Choir of Angels.

A remarkable workshop that will have you smiling from the inside as this energy envelopes you in Love.

Walking with The Blessed Mother in her Rose Garden where she will share with you her tender loving energy, truths and gifts to you in the most gently way as she opens her arms to invite you into her heart.

In addition Adele shares her Peace to all in this gentle soothing guided meditation with the loving energies of Mother as she introduces to you the Song of the Angels to welcome the Choir of Angels into your heart and life. To journey with the Choir of Angels to form an Angelic Grid around Mother Earth as the Angels teach you how to send the Breath of Peace to Mother Earth and all Living creatures.

“I find that when Mother is around we all feel the blessings of her gentle loving energy, she has a message for the world, one of Love, Acceptance, Compassion and Peace. We are at the times of our life when we all need to be kind not only to others but also to ourselves. To know now more than ever we are not alone and we are all LOVED. As you walk through these doorways in both of these guided meditations you will be embraced in the arms of The Blessed Mother and the Angelic Choir of Angels. Truly a gift from Heaven above”.

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele

This is the first in the series of Walking with the Blessed Mother, please keep in touch for the series continuation…

Walking with the Blessed Mother Workshop created, written, recorded & channeled by Adele Marie of Angelic Wise Ones®

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