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Welcome Angel to your VIP Empowerment Room

Welcome, In a little bit you will receive an email laying out all the yummy goodness that Adele Marie has waiting for you.


In the meantime log onto our Member Only Facebook Group page and introduce yourself to everyone. Check out the page rules and Adele Marie looks forward to meeting each of you…

Make sure Thursday Nights you are here on your VIP Room Facebook page at 9:00pm. to 10:00 pm. EST., as Adele gets stared with extended Messages for you. Please make sure you ask questions more than “what does Spirit want me to know” as these types of questions may just give you the answers you are not seeking right now, but later down the road. Or a HI from the Angels when you are seeking something more. And then again, it is okay to just receive a Hello from Spirit to get your thru the rest of your week. ( Smile)

Once you join, Peg shall email you the link to your New Facebook Page.

If you have any questions email Peg at: adele @angelicwiseones.com and she will be happy to assist you.


Welcome once again and be ready for an experience with Spirit that shall change your life!


Angel Hugs

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